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Two people have written me in the past couple of days and asked "what is water world?" So I am compelled to provide a link so you can check it out. Water World.

I was reading the FAQ's on their site, something I'd never done because we've gone there about a billion times, and I know all the "bring this, don't bring that" protocol. But I found interesting that it said "Thong bikinis are allowed, but not encouraged. If a guest finds someone wearing a thong bikini offensive, we will ask them to put something else on." That's funny, cause Katie and I were just commenting the other day about how you never see anyone there with a thong on.

Check out some of their attractions at that link, it's hella fun..and if you live or vacation anywhere near here, you really need to check it out. It's 40 rides/attractions on 64 acres. It's clean, safe and you can bring a picnic. (unlike Six Flags). Here's a picture of the smaller wave pool.

It makes me want to go today!


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