Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


I got up so late today. I went to bed really late tho, so I guess it's all relative. I didn't make it to tumbling, tho the Coles managed to get their butts up and go. I think there are two classes left, then school starts and Emma will be at mommy's on Saturdays. We might try to find her a weekday class, she's doing so well at it, and really seems to love it.

I have no plans, except to run Daniel up to Conifer. Dan's being merciful and letting me meet him halfway, at the park-n-ride on Hwy 285 instead of going all the way to Conifer. I have to take Katie's car..and I don't want to put too many miles or wear and tear on it, who knows how long it will last as it is.

After that, no plans. Love it.

Tomorrow I think we are going to my moms for a while, for no reason, just to visit.

This is all just so engaging isn't it?

Amanda and Justin come home from the Bahamas tomorrow. Mr and Mrs Welch. Grape juice for all!


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