Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


No book buying today, even though it's Monday. We're trying to take care of lots of little niggly personal business that's been sitting around staring us in the face. Fill out forms, call here, schedule this, go there.

So far so good. I've scheduled my Advanced CPR class (aug 9-all day) and arranged for a HepB shot, (aug 4) - both are things I need before I can register for classes. The voicemail only says that registration is in August, so I don't know if that means starting August 1, or some other scheduled day. Let's hope its a few days into the month. The next couple of weeks are so hectic.

Also trying to schedule Katie's $enior pictures, I need to take Emma's shot record over to her school, Mark has his parenting class this Saturday, High School registration is next Tues and Wed, then my class and immunization appt, then orientations, then school starts....agh!

I'm going back to bed, wake me in October.


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