Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


A pretty productive day, overall.

We went to Emma's school and left a copy of her shot record. We mosied around a bit, but most of the school was locked up tight. When anyone asks her if she's excited to start school, she goes into quite a rant about how she's embarassed that she "struggles" to get on the potty and that she can't wipe herself. We've started a concentrated program of getting her confident in these things, and hopefully that won't be a worry soon. Unfortunately there's no easy way to "help" her do it, except to just bug off and let her struggle a few times on her own, and hopefully it will catch on fast.

We got her school supply list and a number of other documents, school calendar, etc. I like that the kindergarten there goes 2 whole days and one half day. I think that gives them a better sense of a regular school day, tho some would argue a half day eases them into public school a little more mercifully. 6 of one...

We also got all our other errands ran, I had to stop by Front Range and fill out one form that you can't get online. (bah!...archaic!) and Mark had some other business to attend to. But we managed to make it to the post office just in time, with just a few minutes to spare. Came home and made ribs, and then collapsed on the couch for a while while Emma forced us to watch American Juniors. Man, she loves that show.

Im waiting for Katie to get home from work so I can go run errands some more. Whee, love going out at 11pm to do banking and such. Good think I'm a night person.


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