Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


We went out to eat, nothing fancy, just Country Buffet. Which apparently is spanish for "kids are free to run around, yell loudly and spill things." Gah.

Then, there was a gentleman there, that was...severely developmentally challenged. Not only physically, but I believe he may have had Tourette's also. He was loudly declaring "HEY!!" (among other things) periodically. They were at the table very near us, and we finally had to speak to Emma about not staring so intently at people that are undoubtedly very interesting to look at. A very hard lesson in tact for a 5 year old. I said "Emma, his family is probably embarassed, and it would probably be polite for us not to stare at him". To which she replied "Well, he shouldn't be acting so crazy then." Touche.

Now, Emma and Mark are both napping. Emma on the recliner here in the basement, and Mark on the couch. Obviously, they can't handle their buffets. Amateurs.

And..the best news of all. My EMS program is completely paid for, and I am signed and ready to go. eek! But Im so excited! I decided to go to Front Range instead of wait for the classes at the hospital. I can be done at FR by the time the hospital classes even begin. Plus, I am more likely to get financial aid going through the college. Classes start Aug 25. Code Blue!


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