Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


Greetings -
The word for the day is Celebrate!
It's Brock's birthday, fun. Have been looking forward to it more than him i think. Lots of fun stuff planned..but dunno what.... (lol)
We're staying in tonight, and going out tomorrow. Got him some cool stuff I think he'll like.
Kt finally made another webpage, Im so happy. She's really good at that stuff, and it's already hilarious.
Hmm..I think i need two blogs. I need a private one too, somewhere to vent stuff i dont want the world seeing. Something to think about, anyway. My mind is wandering, I cant concentrate. more later.
Phrase for the day: Oh, my goodness! (thanks, Emma)
Trivial moment of the day: nothing feels trivial about today....


March 27, 2001~
The word for the day is focus - feel like I've gotten some back.
Got the OK to go to school during a couple of hours during the day from my boss, that is very cool. I can double up on the classes I need and be done that much sooner. Excellent news. I really missed not having class last Saturday, am looking forward to this week very much.
Went to No Frills Karaoke last night with Brock, KT and Megan. Very, very fun. There is no hipper karaoke place than No Frills.
Brocks birthday is coming up in 2 days, I have one thing for him but I need to pick up something else. I have a couple of things in mind, but nothing concrete. I have no plans tonight, I vow here and now to do my room, I promise!
Phrase for the day: I am a closet Equal eater (thanks, KT)
Trivial moment of the day: I need to get a tattoo, soon.


I just moved this diary from my homepage, so thats why the dates look f'ed up. It'll be right from now on. For now, Deal.

Mar 17, 2001~
The word for the day is wha?!
Good Charlotte!
Went to the Good Charlotte, MXPX concert last night, Mar 16. God, what a blast! It was me, KT, Kelcy and Travis. For Good Charlotte we all went down towards the pit and I watched the kids crowd surfing. It was completely insane. Good Charlotte rocked, and I was right up front. The people watching was almost as good as the concert. GC are excellent showmen, and even better musicians.
Phrase for the day - "I still have the camera - run!"
Trivial Moment of the day - I have no clean clothes. None.

March 17-18, 2001~
The word for the day is tired!
Didn't go to bed till after the sun came up. Went to Blackhawk with Brock last night (after going to school for 6 hours!) and had a hella good time. We sorta kinda missed our bus, and had to wait an hour for another which came after 1am. We ran out of money after about 11:15, so decided we would get "some" sort of memorabilia from every casino. We did pretty good, Brock got extra stuff cos it's almost his birthday!
Phrase for the day: This is Nacho Bus
Trivial moment of the day: I broke a nail off, damn I hate that.

March 20, 2001~
The word for the day is Spring!
It's been so nice the past couple of days...I hope it holds up! Daniel and I went to Brock's last night and watched Gladiator. Really good movie. I didn't think I would like it, but I did. We finally went to the grocery store and got some foodstuffs. Joe came by and picked up the key, looks like he will be moving in in the next few days. We're jazzed. Amanda is coming over tonight, she is home on spring break. *Really* looking forward to that.
Phrase for the day: What IS that?
Trivial Moment of the Day: I found my other black shoe in the car that I had been looking for for about 4 months. Cool.

March 21, 2001~
The word for the day is time - I have none.
Took Amanda and Justin (and KT and Daniel) to No Frills last night. Had yummies and a fun time. Hopefully will see Amanda again before she goes back. KT always gets this weird salad at No Frills that it takes her 10 minutes to expain to the cook.

KT: "Ok, I want a salad, with no ham..and I want fried chicken on top"
Cook: "Fried Chicken on top?"
KT: "Yea, and lots of cheese"

Had lunch with Brock today at the Hoffbrau, that was very nice. Awfully sweet for him to come all the way down from DTC to take me to lunch. Other than that life is pretty dull today. Sleepy, and in dire need of extended slumber. Ain't gonna happen anytime soon, tho.
Phrase for the Day: What are YOU doing?!
Trivial Moment for the Day: I can't fit another thing in my desk drawers at work. Nothing. Nada. Zilch.

March 22, 2001~
The word for the day is c'mere...(and it's meaning shall remain private!)
Not much going on, made some potato soup last night, was so yummy. Finally got some actual work done at work, glad to get that off my plate. Kind of a nothing day far. It can only get better, and it will...
Phrase for the Day: I'm hungry and none of my freaks have called me! (thanks, Freddy)
Trivial Moment of the Day: I've held onto a lighter for 3 days. Amazing

March 23, 2001~
The word for the day is: ifidontgetoutofhereearlyimgonnashootmyself
I went to Brock's last night and waited at his apt while he went to get his friend Patty Cake from the airport. She's pretty nice. Then I waited for 75 minutes while they went to the grocery store. Basically, I sat around Brock's apartment last night by myself. Happy happy joy joy.
Going for Ale this evening, thank you God, for inventing beer..or having someone else invent it, anyway.
Phrase for the day: Donuts with Dean
Trivial moment of the day: I lost that lighter.