Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


Katie just got a call from a friend of Dylan's mom ( I love Dylan) who wanted a babysitter for tonight. Hellooo? Does anyone actually think they can get a babysitter for New Year's Eve on New Year's Eve at 7:03pm? And do you have any idea what people charge to babysit on New Year's Eve? anyway...

Quiet so far.

Katie is at work till 9, Im sure there will be people trickling in and out after that. We don't have a lot planned other than the fabulous pot roast that is in the oven, some imbibery of choice and a nice small fire. Emma has figured out what today is all about and is repeatedly asking if she can stay up till midnight..not that she even knows what midnight is I dont think. We're gonna let her try it, it's a tradition in our house to bang pots and pans and generaly be unruly at midnight on New Years Eve, so what the heck. If we don't keep her up, we'll surely wake her up.

Mark is busy in the laundry room/library building more shelves. I hear an occasional noise..a saw, a hammer, a four letter we're staying out of the way.

Im hungry and dinner is an hour away still. hurumpf.

Mark has figured out a way to put movies on the pc onto a video, so we were going through some old tapes to find ones we could tape over. I found a bunch of home movies, some pretty recent, and some really old, like the day kt was born, and her first steps. *sniff.

I made myself a mental note to write a note to my dad and tell him thanks for always having the camera in our faces.


Gotta give some guest map howdy doo's to Andy and Maya who came to visit. I can't figure out where Maya is from, take a look at her flag on the map and see if anyone else knows.

Emma is in the bath singing away and talking to herself. We just watched one of her favorite shows, "Trauma - Life and Death in the ER." She asks a billion questions and is always so interested in what is happening to the people, and how they got hurt, and what the doctors do to make them better. One guy tonight had been burned very badly in the bathtub..having cerebral palsy he couldnt get the water turned off fast enough and basically boiled his whole backside. It sparked a good discussion about why we don't play with the knobs in the bathtub, something I've talked to her about already. She said tonight that she wants to be a pet doctor but "only for well pets, I don't want to do the bloody parts, sorry."

Walking to the park yesterday. Daddy loves his girl...

How nice it was to have such a beautiful day in the depths of winter...

We're all settled for the night, warming up with soup and coffee. We went to Noglenn Sally and picked up 6 bags o books. Good haul, I think. We still have remnants of the 23 bags and the 6 after that waiting to be listed, but with nowhere to shelve them, it's pointless. Mark and Emma are watching LOTR on Starz right now, something I couldn't be less interested in. So I'm filling orders, chatting to friends and catching up with email. We've designated Thursday this week as "Tackle the Bedroom" day and I'm so glad. Tomorrow Mark is going to try and finish off the laundry room/library shelves while I go get a car wash and basically do anything to just stay out of the way. We still need to make a trek over to my moms this week sometime, Emma still has pressies over there! I'd like to take her up to my dad's soon too, but they are leaving for Vegas on Jan 3, so it might have to wait until next time.

I think Cindi comes home from NYC tomorrow, can't wait to hear the tales.

What's everyone doing for New Years Eve? We're having a houseful of teenagers, as usual. Fun in a bun.


I can't remember where I first saw this, probably over at Trents..

It's called ieSpell and it spell checks web forms that you've filled in. Like email, or a blog! I'm loving it, I've been wishing blogger had a spell check for a long time. You download it and it adds a button to your toolbar, where your print and history icons are, etc. Write your blog, hit the icon and bodda bing bodda boom, blog spell checker. It only work in IE of course, so if you're using a Netscrape, you're on your own. But [cough] why would you?

In the natural progression of life, love and the pursuit of happiness we must be all be taught to play board games. We all started somewhere.

Emma got a Candy Land game for Christmas, and it's been most interesting playing it with her. She already had the basic concept of the game down, but three things became immediately apparent:

1) She does not like it when someone else is winning (or God forbid, actually wins)
2) She'll whine longer than the game actually lasted when it's time to put the game away properly.
3) She has the attention span of about 1.5 games. That means she always wants to play 2 games, but by halfway through the second is a struggle to keep her focused.

I was dismayed to learn after buying this game that it incorporates one of my biggest pet peeves ever. When a company of children's products uses misspelled words on purpose, to be cute. But in effect they are doing a great disservice to young children trying to learn to read. I noticed in Candy Land, they had a "King Kandy". Grrr...

It's incredibly windy and cold outside now, even though it was 62 degrees when we left for the park this afternoon. Emma had the place to herself for a while, then this bratty little boy came and got snotty. They got into it after he got offended that Emma called him a "little boy". She said it nice, like "C'mere little boy" but he went into a tirade. "I am NOT a little boy!" Then dividing up the playground equipment - "This is the BIG boy slide, and you have to stay on the little girl slide" Mark and I could hear every word, but just sat there saying nothing, wondering where this would go. We didn't have to wonder long because just then the Korean Church that sidles the park let out and the park was instantly filled with 25 asian kids from 1 years old upwards. I'm pretty sure Emma was about to rip the "big boy" a new one, but she didn't get the chance cause suddenly there was no room for the "big boy", or the "little girl" on any slide.

Im headed for the couch..gotta be some good bad tv on.

Who will come and clean my bedroom? Who? who? who?!?!?

Damn, some people are grouchy. Including me.

We're going to the park. It's like spring outside.


I think I need a vacation. Not the "Im not working" kind..I have that every day. Lucky? Maybe. But I feel like Im in a rut. I want to plan something for the late spring or summer. Atlanta for the blade show again, maybe. Or maybe something new. Or maybe Vegas again. Actually, I think I'd like to go to the beach.

Maybe I should just concentrate on paying rent.

The house is not tidy, and it's irritating me. So what am I doing? cleaning? No. I took a 3 hour nap today for no other reason except that I could. Emma just got done watching Balto II and is begging to stay up for a while longer. Maybe if I get her in the bath Mark won't notice how late it is. hee.

I have so much stuff to put away, and most of it goes in my bedroom which is a scary sight to behold. I just can't get the gumption to do it for some reason, even though it's bugging me night and day. It just seems that there's not enough room for everything that I own.

Book sales are still really busy, and that's taking a lot of time. But I'm bored and listless, yet looking around at everything that needs to be done.


A couple of cute Christmas pictures:

Emma's new dollhouse. She loves it, duh.

Daniel's cool new shades

And a gift from my mom that Amanda hated, so much so that my mom said "Oh, forget it..just leave it here then." and she did.

Bring on the New Year. Im ready.

The Nell Test for Dy and anyone else who still wants to play along. Let me know how ya did.

Dinner's cooking, we got the errands done, except for the grocery store. Don't know if I will make it there tonight or not. Emma's going to open her presents after daddy gets back from the post office. Whee!

Everything else is boring as hell.

Mark is off to get the midge, actually he's probably almost there. Probably just rounding Kenosha Pass at this point. Hope the weather isn't bad. I wanted to stay home and tidy a bit more and get some other things done. I don't want Emma's room to be a mess before she tries to cart all her new toys up there. It wasn't too bad, so that's done. Now it's time to tackle the living room.

Also gonna try to hit Target today, and then go get Daniel's hair cut. We'll see how much we actually get accomplished. KT doesn't have to work today so that means I get to have my car for the whole day! My own car! To myself! whee!

No word on grandma next door yet.


I'm thinking we should do something obnoxious with Cindi's blog while she's gone. I have the password, we could as post as her. Mocking fun for everyone. But in a nice way. Or we could just hijack it and post ridiculous, erroneous and nonsensical information. Who's in.

Something major is going on over at the Russians. They're my next door neighbors to the north. Their patio balcony door is very close to my front patio, so we can always hear stuff going on over there. They always speak in Russian, and they always sound angry. I think truthfully they are Czech, if I remember correctly. Anyway, earlier there was an ambulance at their house. I'm pretty sure it was the grandma..she's really really old and on nice days sits on a sofa on the balcony with a white scarf on her head. All day. It takes them 10 minutes to get her out the patio door and situated on the sofa.

So, an ambulance came but we weren't sure who it took. But there are about 4 main people in the house besides grandma, and they were all out there, shouting in Russian. (or whatever). Then they went in the house for a couple of hours. Now I was outside and heard the man and the woman talking loudly (as usual) on the front porch. then they slammed the door and left in the car. This is highly unusual, if only for the fact that their house is dark, quiet and locked up tight by 8:30 p.m. every night. (Well, I haven't actually checked the door, but they're definately down for the night.)

We're thinking grandma died. When the ambulance pulled away, it didn't have lights or siren on. I don't know what to expect over there if grandma's gone to that great polevka in the sky. They have some crazy get-togethers. Last summer, their daughter got married. We only knew for sure the day of the wedding when the Limos pulled up, but suspected something was up weeks earlier, when they kept having these crazy parties. They would set up these elaborate tents in the backyard and have tons of people over, and sing like there was no tomorrow. And the food, oh my god, they have the best smelling food ever.

It's so difficult to be the Neighborhood Monitor Of All and not have enough information to spread timely and accurate gossip.

Wow, This is some trippy japanese "hello kitty" type animation. Very strange. I'll have to watch it when I'm straight and see if it's as interesting. I can't wait to show Emma, she'll think it's great. Don't mind the prompt to install Japanese language fonts on your computer, hit cancel and watch the video.

Kt is working late, no one fun is online, Mark's listing books..I don't wanna. There's nothing on tv and the only fun thing to eat is candy. Bleh. Sick..of..candy.

What is there to do. What is there to do.

Dinner's in the oven, fire's going, and the house is a MESS!

I'm wondering if Cindi made it to NYC this morning. They got an enormous dumping of snow, the airports have been closed, and the city is crippled. Find a computer and blog to us, sister!

Christmas was a lot of fun, and it's not even over yet! Emma arrives tomorrow and it will be unwrap day all over again. There are tons of presents left under the tree, plus one from Cindi, and a couple at Gramma Maxine's too. I can't wait to see her open all the great stuff she got and see what she loves the best. She's always trying to finangle a way to get toys from here to her mom's house, and probably vice versa. I like that she has a lot of the same beloved things at both places, and that neither house feels like she's ever just visiting. She'll be here for well over a week come tomorrow, and I know she'll be glad that the kids are off of school until she goes back to mommy's. She loves it when the kids are here.

Yesterday we started at my mom's house, had a big breakfast and pressies, then came home while the kids went to my dads. Had a nice leisurely afternoon, just Mark and I taking a well deserved Christmas nap. So nice and quiet. We left here then to go to my dad's, after much hemming and hawing from me about how nervous I was to go there. It's been 2 1/2 years since I've even spoken to my dad, because of stupid nothing arguments. But it was great to see him, and it was like nothing had ever happened. I got to see my dog (Murphy) that my dad took in when I had to move into the apartment after the divorce. I think he knew who I was immediately. He wouldn't leave my lap and ran right up to me wagging his tail and being SO excited when we came in. My dad said he usually barks like crazy when people come in. That was the best part of Christmas, almost..was seeing my puppy. He's old now (10) and mostly deaf, but he's my sweetie.

I got lots of fun stuff, too much to list. Lots of heartfelt and thoughtful gifts that come from people that know how to show they know you without spending a lot of money. Mark was very romantic and sentimental, too much so to share.

It's been a quiet, peaceful holiday surrounded by the people I love. Gotta love that.


Oooh, Mark and I just decided to go see "Catch Me If You Can" tomorrow between leaving my mom's and picking up the kids at my dads. Fun in a bun.

Im feeling no pain. Bring on the presents!

I need Dr. D's Jamaican rays. Daniel was being a sweetie, and cleaned off the front patio for me. It looks so nice, but then he hosed it off, and it's like 18 degrees out. So now from the front door to the driveway, we have a thin sheet of slick ice. We can't even take the trash out without slipping on the first step.

Is it time for presents yet?

We're having so much fun, hope everyone's Christmas Eve is going well. If not, come on over here. The fire is blazing, Charlie's here, it's c-c-cold outside, we have booze, and we're drinking it.

After two glasses of wine I'm more than ready to open presents, but everyone else insists we have to wait until 7! What's so special about 7?! Actually, Mark is still wrapping. We went to the mall at 10pm last night and again today..., yes...the mall on Christmas he could finish shopping. We decided to get each other a small present and then write each other a heart felt note, so that's what we did. Everyone is in a good mood and we're all here together, and that's really nice.

Charlie got Kt a cell phone for Christmas! She wondered if the service would be transferred over to her, or what... but Charlie's dad just said "ooh, let's not worry about that right now.." so it's like they are paying it for some undetermined amount of time. Wildness. It's tiny and pink, very sexy.

My glass is empty. How the hell did that happen.

Everyone's life seems to be a flurry of activity lately, and ours isn't. And I'm so glad. Today we spent a couple of hours at Sally in Northglenn getting 10 more bags of books. That makes about 30 bags unlisted, that we're working on. We had a nice dinner and some cuddling in front of the fire. Everything is quiet and calm, and people are getting along. It's nice.

Amanda's boyfriend Justin proposed to her tonight. They had already talked a lot about getting married, but tonight he made it official. He spelled out "Amanda will you marry me?" in christmas lights. Isn't that sweet? She's so excited. They are truly perfect together. Congrats, Lucy.

And on a related-but-not note, Mark gave me a ring a long time ago (before we were "officially" together) that I never wore. It was a little small anyway, and he hemmed and hawed when he gave it to me, telling me he "didn't want it to convey something it didn't". So I just put it away. But tonight he asked me if we could go get it sized tomorrow and would I start wearing it, cause "it's appropriate now"... Im not sure what that means, but Im just gonna go with it. It's a really pretty ring, a purple amethyst heart surrounded by little diamonds. Maybe he just forgot to get me a Christmas present, and this is him covering his ass. lol

I got a comment from Living Nappy, who I wrote about earlier. I think it was sarcastic, but it's hard to tell. I feel bad that I wrote anything about her, but Im not gonna delete it cause I don't do that. I had no idea she was reading here, I don't remember sending her my url when I wrote, but I must have. Anyway, if I sounded bitchy I apologize.

Gotta list books. I know, boring!


Big fucking surprise. Found at Cin's Flog Spot.

What swear word are you?

I've been reading a blog called Living Nappy. I like it, but it irritates me that I've written her 2 emails telling her that I liked her blog, yet she never had the courtesy to even acknowledge it or write back. Bad blog manners. I've written to scores of people commenting on their blogs and not once has someone completely ignored an email saying "hey, nice blog..I like it". Much less two. So I'm not gonna blogroll her, but I thought some of you might find it a good read. Just don't bother to write and tell her if you like it.

Katie just ran upstairs with the phone in her hand and said "Amanda is trapped in her car or something.."
I said "what?!!"

I'm thinking Cujo. There's a rabid dog outside her car and she can't get out. Someone is going to have to come and shoot the dog, but not before she's been in there for three days with no food and water. Ok, maybe that's a little much..but still.
Or Im thinking thugs. She's gotten lost in a bad neighborhood and there's creeps outside her car threatening her life with crowbars and screwdrivers. They're sitting on the hood rocking her car and screaming obscenities.

But no.

She's trapped in her car, trying to get out of the parking lot of Walmart at 92nd and Sheridan. Those of you from here know exactly what I am talking about. You don't go anywhere near that intersection at Christmas time. Daniel and I were trapped at the same WalMart day before yesterday. It took us at least 30 minutes to get out of the lot. She actually thought she could run in there on her lunch hour! hahahaha!
She was upset and trying to figure out a "back way" out. There isn't one. We tried that too.

I told her to just relax, call work and explain she was going to be late, and wait your turn to get out of the lot. Then I hung up and chuckled a little.

"Feliz Nabee-da" ~Emma


Cindi wants blogging. Must blog.

What a day. Missed connections and stuff like that. I can't blog about it right now cause it's late and we're wrapping presents and we're all sick and we're all pooped. We open presents on christmas eve here so the rush is on. Two presents have still not arrived in the mail. eeek. Everyone is coming and going on christmas Eve and day. I don't know who is going to be where when. Is Amanda coming over Christmas Eve? No one knows. I can't call her cause it's like 3 hours past her bedtime. Cindi should come over on Christmas Eve, that would be fun. I am considering popping over my dads for a minute on Christmas night. Dunno. Freakin out about it.

that's it. I blogged. so there.


I've been shopping for half the day, and baking for the other half. Im so beat, you couldnt rouse me for anything. Ok, maybe a sexy Chippendales dancer with my name embroidered on his crotch. But that's the only thing.

My kitchen is a disaster, and I don't think I can clean it before Katie gets home, so I have to prepare myself for the wrath. the kitchen is Katie's domain, in that she ensures it is spotlessly clean every day and gets livid when someone messes it up. You should see it. I'd take a picture if I wasn't so embarassed. I made sugar cookies, peanut brittle, fudge and meringue cookies today. Zzzz

I took a fun test at Alan's site about him, and created one for myself. See if ya know me...

The You Don't Know Nell Test

Write a comment and tell me how ya did.

edited after posting...This post turned into..I dunno, a conversation with myself. I was completely blathering on and on about ridiculous shit. It's the NyQuil, I'm telling you. It's evil. And wonderful.

I know it's 2:35am and Im sick. I should be in bed, drifting off and remembering days where my voice was vaguely feminine. I have absolutely no taste or smell. I mean none. Lots of times when I have a cold I feel like I can "hardly" taste or smell anything. But I am telling you, I have absolutely no taste or smell. That's so weird. We went out to our current favorite little chinese place after hauling books at Sally, and I could taste nothing. No spice, no sweetness. Everything was only distinguishable by it's consistency. And now, just getting ready for bed..I washed my face and put on favorite really smelly one, and... nothing. No scent. none.. I was sniffing really really hard. And then I start asking other if the lotion had "gone off" and spoiled and suddenly had no scent.
"Do you smell this lotion on my hands?" And they look at you like you've lost your mind.
"Uh yea, mom..duh."
Then you have to marvel to them how trippy this is. You know what it's making me want to do? Go eat something really really spicy. I hate spicy food with a passion, and balk at even the mildest of heat. Mild salsa is too hot for me. Generic frozen breakfast burritos are too spicy. I'm such an ass about it. I don't even like flavored chips (Nacho Doritos) because I think they're too spicy. Strangely enough, I love salt and vinegar chips. spicy. Difference. I dunno.
Then there's Katie and Daniel, who will grate a fresh habenero pepper onto a pizza, so much that my eyes can feel it from across the room. And they just chow it likes it's nothing. Daniel goes through hot sauce like I can't believe, and when I buy it, he always wants the hottest one available. When we go out for chinese he always has to ask for hot mustard, and the waitress will tell him "It's really hot"..and yet he will run out of whatever she gave him...dipping every bite in it. Then he repeatedly states thorought the meal
"Oh my god, this is so spicy."
"Look, my face is red!"
"Look, my ears are burning up!"
"Look at my eyes, I'm crying!"

But he loves it. It's like this big joke that I just don't get. I feel left out never being able to whoop and holler about how wonderful something is because it's so damn hot.
So this total lack of taste and smell sensation is making me want to go eat something really spicy I want my ears on fire and tears running down my face..and not be able to taste it. It makes me want to go drink vinegar. Eat salsa and doritos.

Oh, you know what would be really good to eat with no sense of taste? Mushrooms (yea, those) cause they taste soooo shitty. Those were the days, my friend.


Still sick. sore throat is gone. My head is draining the something that was clogged in there. The back of my throat feels like an oil slick. As Amanda would say, "it's dripping from my hangie ball." Don't ask.

We spent 4 hours in Salvation Army today getting books. Do you want to know how many? Do you? No? Too bad. 23 freaking bags of books, packed to the hilt. Probably 30 books per bag. We figure we got anywhere from 550-600 books. All new or nearly new. We can't list them yet, because we still have books from the last haul that we haven't listed yet, and I have forbidden Mark to list any more books until we get the shelves in order, and the current lot of books already listed and laying in the floor put away. You cant just keep listing and listing and not put shit on the shelves. Helloooo! I think I'm going to go down there in a bit and see if I can do some shuffling to make room for the overflow. I hate doing that tho. As Emma would say..."Booorrring!!"

What else. That's pretty much it. Isn't that dull? Yes, I know it is. Fuck you and come and put away books. I'll give ya a cookie.


I can't breathe. My head is full of..something. I sound like James Earl Jones with a clothespin on his nose. I can't breathe out of either side of my nose, and Katie has the nose spray in her room. Not a problem normally, just go get it right? No. She's working out and you don't go in there when she's working out. She puts her chair in front of the door so you cant even open it if you wanted to. She's lost so much weight, I can't believe it! Her old pants look ridiculous on her, they hang like drapes. She's had to buy several new pairs lately. I have to wait until she's done before I can go get any nose spray.

I took Nyquil before I went to bed last night, and it gave me the most fucked up dreams. I kept dreaming about the damn people on the Amazing Race. Dumb! I was up and wide awake about 4 times during the night. I was groggy this morning till I took the Dayquil. Medicine to go to sleep, medicine to wake up. And now it's almost time to take some more Nyquil and start the process all over again. Im a "quil" junkie.

I still am not done shopping. What am I going to get my mother? And now I have to get something else for Katie, because I've over bought for Daniel and Amanda. And I still need something else for Mark. Wake me on December 26, wouldja?


I am Charlie Brown

Which Peanuts Character Are You Quiz

Congratulations Brian!!

I felt like there at the end it was a toss up between Hitler and Ginghas Kahn. But that's what it's all about isn't it? I think Ted said it best, it came down to choosing the lessor of two evils.

I always liked Brian, but I thought maybe there at the end things were getting to him. He became very absorbed and focused, almost to a "Lord of the Flies" quality. I also thought that the betrayal of Helen at the end would hurt him in the jury's vote, but true to his character, he softened her, apologized..
and she bought it.

My first and always choice had been Jake. I liked him from the very beginning, and had he been sitting there with any of the final 4..he would have won, no question. He was true blue, if you ask me. And truthfully, If Brian had taken Jan with him to the end, she would have won. But he knew that. He knew he had to take the lazy ass bumbling bumpkin or he'd lose. He was no dummy.

Most interesting is that The Smoking Gun reports that Brian and his lovely non-bug-eating wife have seperated following a domestic incident where she punched him in the nose, resulting in a restraining order barring her from going anywhere near him or the house. She's since removed her belongings from their home, and they plan to divorce.

Very interesting indeed.

Next, Survivor - the Amazon. With a "twist like you've never seen before..."
I can't wait.

I've made double batches of 3 different kinds of cookies. 3 kinds to go, plus peanut brittle and fudge. I love you, Dayquil.

Gonna stop for now and get something to eat besides cookie dough, before the big vivor marathonic event.

I've got a pretty package from Laura and Denny (Cindi you got one too) but Emma quickly snatched it out of my hands, put it under the tree and sharply said " You *can't* have this till Christmas!" Yikes!


Oh man, there's mormons at the door. We're making Daniel deal with them cause he was dumb enough to open the door. I really need a peephole.

I feel much better, got dressed and went to the store cause we were nearly tp-less. Also exchanged all my evaporated milk for sweetened condensed milk, which is 3x the price, thank you very much. I might start some baking here pretty soon. I have to wait till Katie goes to work tho cause she'll freak if I start messing up the kitchen.

Mark is about 45 minutes from home, we usually eat an early dinner on emma thursdays so I better get cracking.


I'm sick, sick, sick.

Stuffy head, achy, lethargic, sore throat sick. Am confined to my bedroom to sleep and try to get better. Mark went to get emma on his own, Im just trying to stay away from everyone and not make anyone else sick before Christmas. I feel bad when he was to make the four hour trip alone, I know he likes the company..but there's just no way today. I wont be hanging out with anyone today, I just want to be alone and under the covers with the remote. We have Emma for a regular stretch this weekend, then a long stretch starting the Friday after Christmas..11 days! (including transfer days)..That will be fun in a bun.

I had so many plans for today. *sigh.


I am doing some major baking on Friday and Saturday, but decided to try out one of the recipes (magic cookie bars) on a miniature scale this evening. I needed Sweetened Condensed Milk, but all I had was Evaporated milk. I called my mom to see if there was any difference, and oh my god, she was no help at all. She totally did not understand what I was asking.

"Mom, it's Danelle, do you know if..."
"Danelle?!" You're going to have to talk a lot louder than that."
{louder...} "Are sweetened condensed milk and evaporated milk the same thing?"
"Oh, no..sweetened condensed milk is nothing like regular milk."
"No, not regular milk mom, evaporated milk"
"Evaporated milk isn't regular milk either. You'll have to go to the store"
"I have evaporated milk..I need sweetened condensed milk."
"Sweetened condensed milk is a lot sweeter than regular milk."
"Goodbye mom.."

I felt like Uncle Lewis trying to tell Aunt Bethany to say the blessing in Christmas Vacation. The BLES-SING!!!

We then called Charlie's mom. I told Katie to ask her the same question. Katie comes upstairs and says:
"Charlie's mom says you have to put some water in the sweetened milk to make it evaporated milk."
"I have evaporated milk..I need sweetened condensed milk"
{teenage groaning}

So I was still lost. Went online to check it out. Great. Add 1.25 cups of sugar to evaporated milk to make sweetened condensed milk. Fine. Dandy.
However, I missed the large type at the bottom that said "Cool Completely"

I dumped the hot sugar laden evaporated milk into the pan with the other ingredients and could tell immediately that I had a problem. I baked it as instructions anyway, and what came out was not cookie bars, but the best damn gooey, carmely ice cream topping you''ve ever tasted in your life. The kids ate it by spoonfuls, Mark and I layered it heavily in chocolate ice cream. I think I'm onto something.

I've heard this is how post it notes were invented. By mistake.

But now I need some sweetened condensed milk.

Oh my god. who woulda thunk that whiny Flo and patient Zach would pull their heads out long enough to come out on top of the Amazing Race. I was so excited at the end, I could hardly stand it. I feel so bad for the other teams tho, they were so close behind. By the time there was 5 minutes left, I wanted everyone to win. What a great show. I was actually picking at my eyebrows during the last few minutes, and I now have a little tiny sparse (not quite bald) spot there. Hopefully no one will notice.

Tomorrow...3 hours of Vivor. Wow. We have to get up early and be at Sally by 9 am tomorrow, they're doing books by the bag, but Mark has to be out of town by 12:30 to go get the midge. It normally takes us about 3 hours to do a good haul, so we'll have just enough time. Im not sure if I'm making the drive also, I've been hit with a wicked head we'll see.

Katie was in school today, Miss Cindi, but she got out at 11. Finals. Tomorrow, same thing. Then winter break time.

Im heading for the couch.

Bleh bleh. bleh bleh bleh.

Katie and I have been shopping since 11:30 this morning. We hit a fair few Sally's today too tho, it's 75 cent clothing day. Last week, I neglected to mention I got a brand new (with tags!) purple Eddie Bauer half zip fleece. I was so excited. It looked like it had a fleck or two of nail polish or something on it, but I just flicked it off with my knife in the store and it is perfect. I wore it all day today, I love it...except it makes my hair staticky.

I am ALOMST done. Something else for my mom, and something for Mark. Even stocking stuffers are pretty much done. (A note to parents of favors make great stocking stuffers, and they're cheap!)

Katie's big present arrived today, via a cute little Asian UPS man that was looking through my front picture window as I was coming down the stairs today, bathrobe untied, to answer the door. Merry Christmas! I was glad it got here, I was starting to get worried.

I got a fair amount wrapped last night but gave up at about 1:30 am. Katie isn't working tonight and has graciously offered to wrap all my presents for me cause she has "nothing else to do." Whee! Teenagers are great! (Remind me I said that at a later date).

The Amazing Race finale is tonight. I will not be in communication with the world from 8-10, so don't even try. CINDI.


Alright alright, I'm going downstairs to wrap presents. There better be something good on tv, danggit.

"To the lady sitting next to me . . . Thanks for bringing your baby. It really added to the performance of the children to have a screaming baby drowning out their singing."

You have to go read Trish's account of her son's Holiday Program at school. We've all been there, and she makes it hilarious.

We had a scrummy pot roast dinner, and was tender enough to cut with a fork. Taters, carrots and corn with brown gravy drowning it all. (No, not tattoos, PN) lol. I had to immediately crawl to the couch to digest for an hour and watch SNL's Holiday Show.

I'm actually almost sorta kinda in the mood to wrap presents.

He went to Jared.

Im cooking a pot roast, and it smells terrific. Cindi, want to come for dinner?

I just got back from doing some Gift Certificate runs. Boring, but if that's what they waannntt.....Also found some *** at *** for Amanda (hee) that I think she'll like. Im SO close to being done. I need to still get Mark something, my mom something else, and stocking stuffers. I also need to get two more stockings somewhere, I've found the old ones, but only 4 of them. I've lost Katie and Daniel's somewhere.

Mark and I are heading to's 50% off day, dont cha know.


Following Kelly's lead, the worst jobs you can imagine for yourself. Mine:

Landscaper or anything remotely connected with gardening or yardwork.
Teen counselor
Wine taster


Christmas is like, a week away, people. Do you realize that?

Mark should be home around midnight, talked to him a little this afternoon, but I was in a bad mood, and it wasn't good. Im so stupid.

No, I haven't wrapped presents. They're hidden all over the damn house. Something must be done.

Tom just reminded me that Christmas is 9 days away. Bleh!

No presents wrapped today.


Well Mark and Emma made it to MV alright. I got a quick offline IM letting me know. Mark called me earlier and said "I thought I would call and say goodnight before I dropped out of (cell) range". That was really nice. I was sad when they left..I really don't do goodbyes very well. 2 years ago I took Mark to the airport to go to the UK to visit his family for 10 days. I bawled..and we weren't even together then! lol.

So we made ornaments out of this baking soda/cornstarch recipe I found online. They came out really cute, thought it turned into an all-evening affair. They had to cook for an hour!

I'm on Mark's computer and it's damn hot here in the basement. Trying to keep up on the orders. Gonna go chill on the couch for an extended period.

I was sitting here already getting sad about Mark leaving! He'll only be gone from 6 tonight till about midnight tomorrow or so, but I'm stupidly getting weepy. Then I started playing some Trans-Siberian Orchestra Christmas music, and it's just so impossible to be sad while that is playing. It's so angry and in your face. I love it. It's the only acceptable Christmas music, if you ask me. Ok, well I do like Mariah Carey's "All I Want For Christmas Is You"....but that's ALL!

For some reason, I have the "I work here" look in every store I go into. Everytime I am shopping, some soul will ask me some ridiculous question. "Do you have any mens sweaters?" "Where is the shoe department?". I dont know what it is about myself that makes it appear that I am employed at the store. It happens most frequently at Arc, I suppose maybe cause that is the store I am in most frequently. Anyway, who cares.

I am quickly running out of Christmas money, and there are many people whose names are on my list. *sigh. Poverty blows.

No, I didnt blog today. Crazy day. Good, and bad. But all is well.

Mark is going to Monte vista tomorrow night to spend the night and go to emma's Christmas program on Monday night. Im gonna stay here and try to get some things done and hold down the fort. Am already worried about how much I'll miss him tho.

I still didn't wrap any presents. I keep saying I will do it today, then tonight, then tomorrow. Bleh.

Im really tired.


To appease my poor family, I assembled a wish list. Obviously most are "pie in the sky". But it was fun to make, nonetheless. Reminded me of going through the Sears WishBook when it came every fall and putting stars by what I wanted.

"Umm, I'll have a Big Mac, large fries...oh and a Bloody Mary to go."

I should have asked for a turkey fryer for Christmas. They're expensive tho! and everyone is out of stock of them anyway. I need bigger tupperware bowls with lids, if anyone is listening. Not mixing bowl big tho.

I also want these books:

The View From Here - Brian Keith Jackson
Lucky Us - Joan Silber
Catch Me If You Can - Frank Abagnale
The Corrections - Jonathan Franzen (I looked it up Dy, it *does* look

And also...I have no idea why this book is $70, but if anyone has one laying around, I'd love to own one.
The Spyderco Story.

Is this the greatest mall Santa you've ever seen?

I loved him, he was so sweet and kind. He actually had his helpers go through the line before it was the kids turn and whisper to the parents "what's her name...whats her favorite toy?" So when you got up there it was, to Emma, like he already knew who she was. I thought that was a fabulous touch. Before she even got to him, she was running up and he said "I remember you from last year, you're Emma!" It really nearly brought tears to your eyes, it was so sincere and thoughtful.

I'm not gonna post any pictures of Emma right now, for reasons that are my own...but you have to agree, that is one heck of a Santa.


Colorado Mills.

You must go there. I know, I know... I just said I hate malls. Colorado Mills is so fun tho. Mark and I took Emma there after her eye doctor appointment to see Santa. We had to wait for an hour, because he had just left for lunch. So he finally came back and wow, what a great Santa they had! He was a nice old guy, really "Santa" looking and sweet as can be. They had a really cute set up. They weren't pushy with their own sell (pictures) and had no problem with me taking my own. They came out very cute. In one picture you can see Emma counting on her fingers, listing the things she wanted. lol!

Then we came home and I wasn't yet done "malling" so Daniel and I went back up there for 2 hours. So essentially, I've been in the mall since about 1pm. Insanity!

Now Rudolph is on, so guess what we're watching.


Well it was interesting to say the least. The time and tide are wearing them down, that much is obvious. They are gaunt, grouchy, and getting very serious. Everyone left knows they are a true contender now. Although I think we all know that Jan will not be in the final two. Next week we will know.

Who will it be? A lot will depend on immunity challenges. I would like to see Helen and Brian go head to head in the end, but again, a lot of things and circumstances will have to be on their side first.

I was so surprised that they left Clay in. My only guess is that everyone views him as a weak contender, and it's time to keep those people around now.

I was sorry to see Ted go, but I think he was ready and even a little prepared. He knew the alliances were crumbling, and that it was every man for himself now.

But geez maneez the jury looks good, dont they? Good lookin people once they get cleaned up.

Im on pins and needles till next week.

Katie and I spent 2 hours at the Salvation Army in Northglenn today. Good lord, people that is the best thrift store around. We came home with 4 big bags packed to the hilt (all clothes, mostly for ourselves, a couple for the midget) for $20. Yippee.

I had planned to do some massive baking tomorrow, but I have decided to put it off for a week, as Emma has an eye dr. appointment, plus we might traipse around to see if Santa is in the area anywhere...hee. Saturday we are making homemade clay ornaments, lord knows my tree needs em. I did find a purple star ornament at Sally today tho, that was cool.

Amanda is stressing that she doesn't know what to get me. Im at a loss. I remember how irritated I used to get at my mom when she wouldnt tell me what she wanted, but it really is true. I dont need anything. I am stocked to the hilt on kitchen stuff, I buy clothes for myself and am kinda picky about em, I need stupid stuff like socks. People hate buying you socks. But I wont buy them for myself, cause I need the money for other things, and to me, socks are pricey. I need lotion and cologne but people think that is boring to buy for you too. I wish the kids could just see something and go "oh yea..that's my mom". I want gift certificates for things I wont spend money on like movies. Obviously anything Survivor or The Amazing Race related would be cool too.

And then here I sit at a loss as to what to get my mother.

I thought of a really good idea for Mark, but Im not sure I have time. As usual, it's a production to put together and I just don't know if it will work.

Where the hell is my child support check, by the way?


By the way, how come no one has congratulated me on being the 6000th visitor over at Just Another Day? I won my choice of: (from the site)

1. Mix CD created by yours truly.
2. One Way Ride's debut CD.
3. Old shirt out of my drawer (one of a kind collector's item!!!).
4. Small bag of Warren's food.
5. Pouch of magical sand from the beaches of Newport.
6. One US dollar.
7. Leftover Chinese food from my fridge.

I choose....drum roll....the sand. Why? I dont know. It'll be cool.

I love this.

From page st.

Oh my, my. Look what's happened to the wondertwins now. Derek and Drew, you're the last team to arrive, you've been Philiminated.

The Amazing Race was terrific. Next week is the 2 hour finale. I don't know if I can take it! It's down to The asshat team, The O Brothers team and the annoying Flo and Zach. God she was relentlessly annoying and horrible this week. Why no one has slapped her yet, I don't know.

And tomorrow is Vivor. oh ee oh ee ooh...

I just cant write about anything. I dont know why. Im bored.


Stuff I've figured out I want for Christmas:

The Ove Glove (ideally, 2)
The Pasta Pro
sheets, queen size
Spray stink-um (cologne)
Little lotions (I like to have one in each car, coat pocket, etc.)
Mi Vida Loca
Simon Birch

More to come..maybe? Time for the RACE!

Ugh..Im so full.

We just had a yummy chicken dinner with tatoes and baked beans. Im stuffed. We went to Salvation Army today for 75 cents clothing day and I got two terrific sweaters, some long john shirts for Daniel (he loves wearing them under Tshirts) and a Tshirt for Katie. Also picked up some baking sheets (really nice ones..25 cents apiece!) and Christmas cookie cutters (15 for 99 cents!) for various fun projects that will be going on this weekend. We're going to make Christmas ornaments *and* Christmas cookies all weekend.

Right now I have a headache, which is distressing cause it's almost time for The Amazing Race. Im so excited, who will be gone this week? PLEASE let it be Flo and Zach. Do not even think about trying to get in touch with me from 8-9pm.


We've been moving books around, getting them into the new shelves, (which arent quite done yet) and shuffling shuffling shuffling. It's 2:30am and Im pooped.

Im getting excited about Christmas.


Who remembers the Sega Channel?

1995, the web was in it's toddler-hood. "Gamers" were clicking away on Nintendos and the Sega Genesis system. God, I know we were. Sega Channel enabled subscribers to choose from over 50 video games a month through their cable service, for an additional $15 a month.

We were Sega Channel junkies. We played Sega Games like fiends. Everyone had their faves. Daniel and Dan played role playing games, I was more of a "Legend of Zelda" player. I remember some nights staying up all night playing Zelda. We had a fair mix of games ourselves, but the Sega Channel afforded us to play tons of games that we would otherwise have no exposure to. Last year for Christmas Daniel wanted a Sega! they have been out of production for years, but the games are dirt cheap and plentiful on half or ebay. I found a game console for about $10 at a used video game store and he was thrilled! He still plays it nearly every day and it's fun to buy him all the old games we used to play

Katie and I were just having a conversation about something that happened a long time ago and she said "It was when we had the Sega Channel". Too funny.

Katie and I just got home from Christmas shopping and now we both have a headache. I got some good stuff tho, Im so frugal and savvy I amaze even myself. The mall is close, but sometimes it's just a few more minutes of driving to get to the places with the good stuff. Everyone in this house hates the mall with a passion, so that's not even an option. We never ever go there. I wanted to go by WalMart too, but Katie had to get home to go to work. So we just hit Marshall's and TJ Maxx and had fun in a bun.

I've talked Mark into going to the yummy Chinese place we went to last week, Im craving it. Im hoping Daniel will be around to go with us, but he's probably off with Heather somewhere. (I think he really likes her).

Later gators.

Things that are really nice:

Having plenty of diet soda.
Getting Christmas cards
Going to take the trash out to the curb so the kids don't have to do it in the morning, and seeing that they've already done it.
Katie making coffee for Mark and I every morning before she leaves for school
Having a guy that will cuddle on the couch with you and watch Martha Stewart just cause he wants your company.


"So, if you know any good ones, as a bredren, share dem nuh"...

Are you all reading The Doctor Is In ? I know I've mentioned him before but his blog is just so fun. He's a very handsome dermatologist (single!) in Jamaica. He writes with an accent if he's feeling fun, and his blog is truly interesting to read. Go see.

And thanks to Margie who came and signed my guestmap after I signed hers. She writes: "Like your site!" I think that really means "I'm politely reciprocating! bye!" lol. It was the first guestmap activity in two weeks, so I was glad to see her.

Mark's watching "Changing Lanes". The kids are in bed, and Im bored, thristy, lazy and craving chocolate. I have worries and I want them to go away.

Cause this is thriller, thriller night..

Wow, the Billboard Music Awards. I'm a sucker for Award shows anyway. Grammy's, Emmy's, Mtv Awards especially. I love em.

So there was so many good people on there. Puddle of Mudd, Aerosmith, Avril Lavigne, Creed, Nelly (no not Furtado, Im so sick of people saying that). Michael Jackson and Cher looked like they'd both been dipping a little heavy into the old Botox. I do still love Cher though, Cindi and I went to a concert of hers once, ( was it cindi..i think) I won tickets of off a contest on Alice. (radio station).

And Michael Jackson. He was actually pretty funny and just a hair shy of normal. He's just so fucking white .

I have added Steven Tyler to my list of "Get Out Of Trouble Free" men. Seems most couples have a list of individuals that; (should the opportunity ever present itself) we are free to cavort with as you wish...unencumbered by current relationship-ital commitments. Men or women who are almost certainly unattainable, for the most part. My list includes Nick Cage, Tom Cruise, Jim Rome, Kevin Richardson (Backstreet Boys) and The Rock. And now Steven Tyler. Technically you're only allowed 5, but Im gonna try to sneak him in under the radar.

Mark's are: Sigourney Weaver and Kate Bush. that's it! Hee.

I really need some chocolate.

What a day already.

Had to get up early to take Katie to the dentist by 8:30 where they further 'rassed me about my balance. I paid them $100 today tho, and now my balance is only $125! Almost time to start on the other crown now..another 500 buckaroos. She had to go today to get another temporary filling put in the tooth that has been drilled out and is waiting for the $500 crown. I just can't do it yet. I love Comfort Dental tho, they asked Katie if she had another appointment to get the second crown yet and she said no, cause we don't have insurance now. She said she then heard the dentist say to the assistant to put "follow-up visit, no charge" on today's appointment. That was nice, they had told me they were going to charge me $69. By the way, all Comfort Dental offices have FREE dentistry for anyone without insurance on Christmas Eve, first come first served. (They do this every year). The work they start has to be able to be completed that day though, so it doesn't work for me...but someone else out there might be able to use this information.

Came home and Mark and I took off for the Northglenn Salvation Army, which in my opinion is the best around. It's huge and they have tons and tons and tons of really good clothes. Today they were having a mega sale, all cothes were either 3 for $1, 99 cents, or half price, depending on the tag color. I got about 10 shirts for the kids, and Mark got two pairs of like new jeans. We also got 10 bags of really really good books. 90% of them are brand spanking new. And $2 a bag!

Then we had to race home and get ready for court. Mark had an unfair parking-type ticket, and we are fighting it because a) it's stupid. b) There's no "no parking" sign posted there.. and c) It's a $100 ticket! They set him up for a future appointment with the City Attorney, which almost always means a reduced fee.

Raced home after that to take Daniel to the library, but after reading his assignment, we decide he can find the info online. We had to madly pack books for the post office, we had at least 40 to mail, and we were just at the post office on Friday! It's been a nice month for booksales.

Now I am hungry and pooped. Doing laundry and enjoying the nice clean house that Katie cleaned before she left for work. She's so sweet!

Oh, almost forgot. Daniel and I saw this horrendous domestic fight across the street. I heard the commotion in the house with the doors shut, for chrissakes. First I heard yelling then *smash!*. I ran outside and this guy was taking all this woman's stuff from in the house and smashing it in the street! They were yelling like there was no tomorrow. Wonder if we'll see a moving truck there soon. I was shaking when I came back inside, they were really going at it. It made me upset.

That's it for now. Gotta list the books.

There is a group of people that I choose to associate with both online and in person. We are all knife collectors and a lot of us are friends. I went to Atlanta in June to meet them, and umm..cough..we heard we had a really good time.

Anyway, we have a forum website that we hang out at, (I've been a member there since late 1998) and it has many different topics (threads) of discussion. Topics such as manufacturers, new products, questions, martial arts, knife laws, etc. But we have another section of the forum that could be described as off-off topic. For example, here is a current list of the topics there today.

Best website ever
Men's Rules
Hey, what's up with this
Female or she-male?
In the hizzouse, beeyatch
Can your octupus do that?
When it absolutely, positively, has to get drunk over night
PLease Ignore this
Pinned under the bar on the benchpress
Worst ever reason for a knife fight
Hey Ren, R U out there?
Skeleton sex
Which one of you Bastids mailed me the Porno?
Do you like to pee outside?
moving day

These guys are nuts. and I love em.
I'm banking on my Income Tax Return to provide the funds for this year's Blade Show in Atlanta. Fun In A Bun.


"Eugene, on this day we observed your boyfriend Richard and his male companion pick up this male prostitute on the corner, they all drive to this park where the 3 of them disappear into the bathroom for 30 minutes..."

Cheaters. Hee. this is some gooood bad tv.

For some reason, I think this is a Trent movie: (short clip)

Gates getting a taste of his own medicine.

Here's just a little funny, mostly for Denny. This is a real product, I swear. Go here and click the LAST sample phrase.

God, you peeple are all over my ass.

We did not have a Cologgers Friday night, because the people dwindled away until we were down to Me, Mark and Dave. As much as I love Dave, it just wasn't enough to try to work out. We are thinking about trying to do karaoke at No Frills either tomorrow, or next Monday night. Who's up for that, hmm? Anyone? You little Cologgers wannabes. Hurumpf.

We have a big pot of chili on the stove, damn yum. Mark is finishing up the shelves, we just got back from the 4 hour Sunday trek. It was nice today, the weather was good, and we had some really nice conversations about "things" and "stuff".

We continually marvel at how shitty our circumstances are, and yet how happy we are.

The chili is calling.


I'm tired and blah. I feel like I need a nap, but I need to rustle up something for dinner. We had a fruitless thrift store day today, mostly cause we knew we didn't have any money anyway, and window shopping at a thrift store is just not fun. Mark went inside a computer store for a while, and Emma and I just sat in the car having a very nice conversation. We talked about all sorts of things, and believe me, if she's got an opinion about something, she's sure to tell you. She is unhappy about people "working" these days. She said hates it when mommy works, she hates it when Nell and daddy have to work, even if it's at home. She wants people to only work "when she's at school, so she doesn't have to know about it". Would that we could!

S'pose it will be a quiet evening. Katie went to go get something done to her hair at a salon Charlie's mom recommended, I know she was going to get it colored again, and maybe even cut. She was grappling with that decision last night, and got so frustrated that everyone gave her different opinions! Women...pishaw..

Ok, dinner time..suggestions?


Trying to decide who on my lucky Christmas list is getting a Huggy Jesus.

I just realized that the post below this makes it sound like Emma takes a shower with Katie and Charlie every night. Hee. Charlie goes home before the shower.

What a nice night. We're broker than broke, but somehow that doesn't really matter very much. We had a nice fire and watched some tv, and really didn't do anything at all. Now we're both working on stuff, and I'm downloading music. Mostly Mariah Carey, if you must know...I know you'll poke fun. I don't care, I love hear her!

Emma's still flitting around, I talked daddy into letting her stay up for a bit cause she was being sweet. She was playing with my Electric Piano for a while, then Katie and charlie got home..and well....none of us exist now. They take a shower together every night and we laugh so hard at them. They get in the shower and start singing at the top of their lungs. Last night it was America The Beautiful and the ABC song. I really do mean at the top of their lungs. Our house is a duplex, and we always wonder if the neighbors can hear them. Probably not, judging from the overwhelming weed smell that permeates the laundry room every night. I swear, they smoke a lot of pot over there.

Tomorrow is gonna be more of the same, nothin much to do, nowhere to go. Sounds good.

Oh, Im just being pointed to all kinds of fun things. Thanks for this one, Alan.

Check out what else people bought, who bought this book...

Insert your own priest joke here.

Props to the Presurfer for this one.

The Onion reports that marijuana is linked to sitting around and getting high.

"We have found that where there's marijuana," explained Institute spokesperson Roger Krell, "there's also a good chance of finding stoners on a couch passing around a bong." Krell added that in such situations, "There is also a strong likelihood of finding incense, a TV, and some chips, usually Ruffles."

Ridiculous. I don't even like Ruffles.

Just thought I'd let ya know that I am up at 4:25 am. I was looking for individual health insurance quotes. Whoo boy, funny funny. Thought my eyes were deceiving me there for minute..but no, they really charge that much. Ok well then. Staying healthy it is then.

Ok, here's something funny. This is my mom's computer area. This is a total indication of how my mother is.

Note the printer. Can't see it? That's because it's covered by a tea towel held down by a kleenex box. My mom has had her computer for about 5 years and has used about 8% of her disc space.

And she's on it almost every day.

Guess who I saw the other day. Royce. Only about 3 people will know who that is. Cindi is laughing. Or saying "oh god.."

Royce is the..god what is he. He is the Arvada Mascot, let's say. He has cerebral palsy and he used to work for my dad, when my dad used to have a barbershop about a million years ago (when I was young, so maybe 5 years ago..ok 20! Are you happy!) Anyway...digressionalization..

He also used to sell light bulbs door to door in Arvada. I don't know if he just went and bought them at the store and then tried to sell them or what. Maybe he had a light bulb connection and got them cheap. A lot of people used to buy light bulbs from him..because, was Royce. I remember him coming to our house a couple of times, but not too many, I think he stuck mostly around Olde Town. I do remember my mom saying a few times "damn, there goes another bulb, where's Royce when ya need him."

So anyway, I totally forgot all about Royce, but now live dangerously close to Olde Town Arvada, henceforth known as "Mulletville". So we were driving to Sally and there he was on the corner of Independence and 58th. I was excitedly trying to explain to Mark who he was, and at the same time roll down my window. We sped past him and I yelled "Hey Royce!"

Mark thought I was insane, yelling at handicapped people on the street so.

Royce is cool.


I have to be nice here and say that since my last post about blogger being a putz, I have gotten timely and helpful responses to my questions. I love you, blogger. *sniff.

Survivor, survivor. What can you say? I predicted weeks ago that Jake would win. Now I must hang my head in shame and watch Jake take the slow boat to...whever it is that the cast-offs go. The Survivors got a glimpse and a hug of their most beloved this week. The loved one who could eat the most icky stuff got to stay for a while. I was non-plussed at Helen's husband. I think Brian's wife sticking around for 24 hours would have been much more interesting. The forums are swaying heavily towards Brian winning. But damn, his wife couldnt even eat a roach.

Emma and I huddled together and covered our eyes during the "icky bug eating" bit. She then announced that she will now start collecting toy bugs, who are "cute and nice and you don't chew them".

Not much else going on, wondering how my friends on the eastern seaboard are faring in this weather they're having. Alan? You freezing yet? Hee.

Im such a weirdo! Im counting the minutes till Vivor. What is it that is freaking everyone out so?

Emma's here and as usual, she fills the house. She's been talking talking talking about everything imaginable. There are no secrets around children, let me tell you. they hear, see and TELL all. She did mention how clean my house was, isn't that nice? But I didnt get any pressies wrapped yet and she wasn't thrilled about that.

Vivor, Vivor, Vivor....


The Amazing Race was 2 hours tonight. Super dooper awesom-atic. The really really sad news is that John Vito and Jill are out. I was so mad about that. why why why does whiny flirty cheating Flo keep making it week after week? Zach needs to just turn around and slap her. Wah...I dont wanna bungee jump...wahhh..dont take your pants off...wah...we're last...wah...wah...wah... And now she is flirting with another racer. Hellooo? I can't wait to hear what Miss Alli at TWP says about Teri's disposable panties. I live for those wrap ups.

Survivor tomorrow looks to be very interesting. What is it? What is on the island with them? Is it their families? They are all freaking out on the preview. I have to know. Someone in Australia email me and tell me.

Im a reality tv ho.

Surprise, surprise.

You have a Shitty Attitude! Go figure.
You have a Shitty Attitude! Go figure.
You're an asswipe. It's that simple.
You're whiney, annoying, and tiresome.
One day, someone's gonna smack you.
Take the What the Hell Kinda Attitude is That? Quiz at aka cooties

Blogger is such a putz sometimes, I swear. I emailed them a question a million weeks ago (ok, 2) and they never wrote me back. Then I go to "blogger control" whatever the hell that is, and lo and behold there's some sort of forum style answer to my question, and it says "Waiting for user respose". Like I know its there. And no, this did not answer my question Mr. Blogger. And just for that, now I have a new question. So there.

Blogger Board Meeting -
"I know, let's start this really cool forum style problem reporting system, but we won't tell them about it."
"Im on it"

We had leftover Thanksgiving part 2 tonight. Does that make it Thanksgiving part 3, or 2.5? Amanda is mad that I haven't posted any Thanksgiving 1 pictures, but she lied to me about talking on her cell phone while she was driving, so I guess we're even.

Im getting a little irritated at some of the blogs I read. I may be moving and shaking some of the 'rolling. I don't leave a blog up that doesn't post at least once a week, for instance. And Im a little tired of people that continually do not respond to comments left at their site. Maybe...I'm just sick of hauling shelves around the saw-dusty basement. Maybe...I need a night of revelry.

Who cares, who cares. Nobody cares about shit. Specially me.


Oh man oh man oh man, Im so tired. Shelves, books, shuffling books, dinner, finding books, labels, packaging, ebay, find more books, more book shuffling. Arg. I have gotten grouchy and short tempered and have been ordered to "take 5"


Guess what's in my damn oven. A 20 pound turkey, that's what. Gobble freaking gobble. I was so unhappy with the mere pittance of leftovers I had, and plus emma ate damn near all the turkey I did bring home, bless her heart..she is a turkey head! So now tonight we will be having Thanksgiving part 2. And there will be turkey galore left for Miss Emma.

The orders are still coming in fast and furious, but Mark is downstairs in new shelf land, and we're not doing the orders right now. I should take a picture of the overflow just so you can see. Gonna go do that. Be right back.

Ok, here we go. Paperback overflow:

Hardback overflow:

New shelves and the cute little builder:

And this is why we have no room. This is part of one shelf. These shelves are 8 feet long, and 9 feet high. What you see here is only E through H.

Crazy, eh?

What's nice is that Mark is so good natured and pleasant about doing stuff like this. Whenever Dan would do a home improvement project, it was hell for everyone. A nightmare. he would yell and scream, throw things and generally just be a pain in the ass. Everything had to be just right or all hell broke loose.

I like it better this way.

I forgot to mention, we did manage to get the Christmas tree up. Emma loved hanging the ornaments, so we just let her do them all. The tree had nothing on the branches above about 3 feet. It made me sad to see and affirm that I have only 5 ornaments left from the past 20 years. Dan. Grr. And...we cant find the stockings. Where are the stockings?

I have several pressies already that I am going to try and get wrapped before Emma comes back on Thursday, she'd be so excited to see that there are presents under the tree with her name on them! Katie put a tree up in her room, and her and charlie made a star for the top of it. No ornaments tho, Im afraid to see what they're going to hang on there!

I think we are going to Aurora to a Sally Army that we havent been to before. Hope they have good books. Although we've GOT to get the shelves done. The overflow into the family room has reached overwhelming proportions. We actually had to cancel an order yesterday because we couldnt find the book, after lots and lots of searching. Unacceptable. We have designated tomorrow as finish the shelves day.

Cologgers meetup on Friday is a go. Who's coming?!?!


I feel like I have nothing to post. Im sicking of writing about books, and Im sure you all are sick of hearing about it. PN wanted to know how to look at our inventory, unfortunately doesn't operate that way. There's no option to have a browseable "store". You can see 100 of our books at this link, but what good is that? That's only 100 books, and we have close to 5000. Basically, you go to, look for a book, and if one of the people have it is "ukusstuff" (uk-us-stuff, get it?) then that's us. When we hit an inventory of 5000 books, we step up a notch in half's seller categories, and have new options. We'll see how those pan out.

I believe we are slated for a Cologger's meet this Friday...anyone up for it? Please comment.

Right now I am just wondering why I have a headache every single day.


24 orders filled so far today, and it's only 8:38pm. And still we are listing books.

Had to make the drive for "mommy day" today. Was a nice long stretch we had with Emma, but we've got to get moving on the building of these shelves. The overflow into the family room is ridiculous, it is getting harder and harder to find books when the orders come in. Mark is doing little else but packaging books, I usually do the "picking". We are going to have quite a haul at the PO tomorrow, cause we didn't make it there on Saturday. Im so glad people are buying books! Whee!

Other than that, not a hell of a lot is happening. I need to set up the Cologgers meet that is coming up, but I don't have time to even breathe today. Who's all coming?

We did go out to dinner, that was nice. Just to sit in a quiet place with no distractions for a while and let someone else serve us for a change. We miss that. Yummy chinese food, and it was cheap!

Now it's time to throw in a load of laundry and go tidy the kitchen. The house is still staying really clean, and we're trying to keep it that way.