Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


One of the Battlebots just caught on fire. Whoa.

It just wasnt the same tho. Too "connected" to that show together, to watch it alone.


The only person I am chatting to is Bob, from match. A great big loser. The conversation went from bad to fighting. I posted it all on my website.
It's Friday night.

I should fucking critique websites. People send me their links and immediately I start finding fault with it, and completely discounting their ideas. DM's for instance, is a full screen website. Dont you hate that? Everyone hates that. He doesn't care. He knows everyone hates it and he leaves it up anyway, cause he likes it.

And Bob's. Music starts playing when you open his page. I hate that. Gimme the option, wouldja? What if I'm at work? Christ.

We are having great fun at BF. Love, American Style.

The estimate on my car is around 600.00 HotfuckinAtlanta.

God, you do not want to know this: I lost my planner today. I know, don't even go there. And the answer to your next question..which is "how much...?"
A lot.


No, its not CPD.

Ls: thats why i dont give anyone my phone number
DanelleOShea: you gave it to me
Ls: you just never know what these people are really like, and how much of a stalker they will turn out to be
Ls: yeah, but you are different
Ls: you're.....special
DanelleOShea: short bus different?
DanelleOShea: short bus SPECIAL?
Ls: lol, no
Ls: you know what i mean
DanelleOShea: and I special
DanelleOShea: (this should be good)
Ls: i like you
Ls: i like your personality, your humor
Ls: your view on life and what really matters, and should be worried about, that stuff
DanelleOShea: ooh, you are so know how i feel about you too
DanelleOShea: i have so much affection for you
DanelleOShea: if we lived closer, i might have trouble not chasing you a little
Ls: awh, you're making me blush
DanelleOShea: ditto
Ls: if we lived closer i wouldnt work for the government and you wouldnt have to chase me
DanelleOShea: oooh, that gave me butterflies
Ls: yeah, we definately need to hook up for a drink or something at blade
DanelleOShea: at least
DanelleOShea: I sincerely hope we get some time alone..not erotically, you know what I mean. I really want to be able to get to know you.
Ls: i know
Ls: and i hope so too, even if its just sitting in the hotel lobby after the show for a few hours
DanelleOShea: yup
DanelleOShea: (cheap ass)

**I would have trouble not chasing him. I already do!

I havent blogged in a really long time it feels like. Do I have a lot to say? Maybe.

I'm trying to go to Atlanta for the Blade Show. I think it's about high time I went. I have to go meet everyone. I hope a lot of fun people are going. Especially DM. That is going to be the highlight. My car got rear ended a while back, and Im hoping the damage is enough to get me to Atlanta. lol! Viva la America!

Had a good conversation last Friday, the kind you want to package up in a neat little box. Where are we going? Nowhere fast.

I put another ad up at match, had a few responses. Nothing stellar. Am seeing CPD soon tho, I am *most* encouraged. Sorta.

I started writing freelance restaurant reviews for Dy at citysearch. Pretty cool. I agonize over them, but so far have come out ok, and they've posted em! I guess that's a good sign.

God, Im tired. Bed...early.


It is really hard to teach someone to use mIRC over the net. And he has no idea what I am talking about. Keeps asking me for the web page address..

I absolutely love Trillian. It is more fun than should be legal.

Not a lot going on, mostly just trudging through. It's a week till payday, but it looks like we'll just squeeze in under the wire. I hate that feeling tho.

I have nothing to write about. There's too much, and not enough, you know?


By the way, New Years Eve was awesome. Went to a nice dinner, then No Frills. *sigh. A great kiss at midnight, one that just made every bad thing go away for just a minute. Oh, that makes me soo sad.

Oh my god. I posted a whole damn long blog and it is not here. Someone must die. Who will it be.

Katie and I were talking about all the clocks in the house and how all of them have different times on them., Our bedroom clocks are set way ahead, and other clocks are only a little bit ahead. You have to look at the time, and then subtract a certain amount of minutes, depending on what clock it is. There is only one clock that is exactly right. Crazy!

I am feeling dark, and wishing MJ would get home soon. I am worried about him, and vice versa. It will be really good to talk.

It's a "plans fuh q" kinda night. Or will be. If this fucking work day ever ends.

What I want right now:

I want to go to Maryland
I want to see CPD
I want to see Raul. I really want to see Raul.