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Whatever, just crash it Bob...


I cant properly post, we're in a crunch and have no time to do anything but books. Sales have increased markedly, we're assuming it's because of Christmas. A lot of the books we have are "new" quality, and they are selling madly. We can barely keep up at this point. Double that with the fact that we are smack dab in the middle of adding more shelves to the laundry room/library, as we have "busted" out of our capacity. We have around 3800 books on the shelves, and easily 500 just sitting on the floor in the family room downstairs. We bought 15 bags of books yesterday (almost all brand new, $2 a bag!) and are hustling to get those listed. We want to have all our inventory at least listed, since sales are up so much. Doesn't do any good to have new, unlisted books sitting around. Last night while listing, we hit $10K in inventory! Pretty good, considering a fair amount of our books are mass market paperbacks which sell for around $1. We did have some "gems" in this 15 bag batch, a couple of $20-30 books..and even some $75-80 books. Nice to come across a rare out of print books like those.

So, that's where Im at. Sitting at my computer slurping diet soda, listening to New Found Glory and listing, listing, listing.


Well, we survived of course. No worse for wear, although there were some "moments". My mom is just ...I dunno. Weird. I took some pictures, will post em tomorrow probably. I have another headache...I probably have a tumor. Nah, it's just stress. And I didn't bring home enough leftovers cause they're already gone. Grr...


Am rocking to Saves The Day, surfing, having a soda, and Im not gonna tell you what I'm eating cause you'll think it's gross.

"This song will become the anthem of your underground.
You're two floors down getting high in the back room.

If I flooded out your house, do you think you'd make it out,
or would you burn up before the water filled your lungs?

And at your funeral I will sing the requiem.
I'd offer you my hand but it would hurt too much to watch you die."

~At Your Funeral/Saves The Day

Now the track just went to Cameo's "Word Up." Download this damn song, and tell me you arent bouncing in your chair.

Forgot - thanks so much for you all who've been signing the guestmap! Im glad you stopped by and were kind enough to do so.

Lesson of the *not* go Christmas shopping with Mark. He is so frugal, everything is too much. So I did a lot of mental shopping, with plans to go back and get certain things later. Alone.

Well, I've got my soda ready to go, and a Bavaraian Creme Pie for mom's house tomorrow. Should be a hoot. Here's a few things that I *know* will happen:

Daniel will ask if he can play my mom's Nintendo (yes, the original Nintendo and she only has one game, Mario) - and she'll say no.
I have not been smoking regularly for months and yet tomorrow I will be outside on the porch no less than 5 times. Guaranteed.
Dinner will take hours to prepare, 10 minutes to consume and an hour to clean up.
I was going to write that "I will meet my friend Tom in the middle of the street to chat"..but I just called him and he has to work tomorrow. (911 doesn't close on Thanksgiving....those rats)
My mom will call every other kids name before getting to the right one. (Aman..Ka..Daniel!!)
Daniel will go downstairs and poke around.

That's about it. I will most certainnly blog from there tomorrow, and after. Have a good day, all.

It's funny. If I never date or be with another man as long as I live, that's fine with me. The one I've already got is the best there is for me. He is the sweetest, most kind, generous, caring person ever to come into my life. But when the ones that got away for one reason or another come crawling back into the picture...well, it's just odd...and a little melancholy. This one had real potential. But he couldnt see past his desk at the time. Ah well. Things happen for a reason, do they not? I would not have what I have now if this had worked out. And that, Martha dears..would not be a good thing. The story of CPD happened in May of 2001, if you're sick and psycho enough to go want to read archives.

This is the kind of chat that always happens the first time you see someone online again, months after it didn't work out.

CPD: hello
Danelle: hey there, hows everything?
CPD: good you?
Danelle: fine and dandy. Are you still a working fiend?
CPD: of course.
Danelle: you're in GJ?
CPD: nope in basalt
CPD: you found the man of your dreams yet?
Danelle: yea, did. We moved in together in july.
CPD: good for you
Danelle: and you? Any wonderful women about?
CPD: dated for a while. Got dumped. Looking for new.
Danelle: dumped? Who would dump you? I tried to get you for months.
CPD: she couldn't handle having a relationship.
CPD: Said I was the right guy at the wrong time.
Danelle: that's too bad. I always wanted you to find someone nice.
CPD: Well, you and I never really had a shot.
Danelle: I tried, I think it could have been good.
CPD: so how is the new guy?
Danelle: great. It's Mark..the Brit.
Danelle: do you remember?
CPD: i remember.
Danelle: he came to his senses..or something
CPD: yeah, bout time. lucky man, lucky man.
Danelle: Actually I started dating someone else a little seriously, and he realized......whatever it is when men realize.
CPD: we like what we can't have.
Danelle: is that what it is...?
Danelle: maybe thats why i liked you so much
Danelle: no, it wasnt just that.
CPD: It was a lot of things. We had a great weekend together.
Danelle: you're so handsome, and so funny. (and so fucking sarcastic) - - I wish some pretty girl would recognize that and be your woman.
CPD: Thank you. I don't know what to say. Most don't like the sarcasm.
Danelle: Well, i just found it hard to know when you were being serious sometimes, but i still liked the sarcasm.
Danelle: you were so sweet to me.
Danelle: I really wanted to try, but you just wouldnt hear of it.
CPD: I think we just had bad timing.
CPD: and you have a guy you really like now.
Danelle: yea I know.
CPD: I was just stupid.
Danelle: What are you doing tomorrow for TDay?
CPD: skiing
Danelle: alone?
CPD: yes.
Danelle: Im worried about you being lonely
CPD: I've been alone a long time. I'm fine. Im used to it.
Danelle: well, I will be back later tonight. not till around 9, but I'd love it if you were here, so we could get caught up.
CPD: i'll try
Danelle: ok. Have a good day tomorrow. Avoid the trees.

It's 10:24 in the morning and I am the only one up (Emma was up but is asleep again). It's a sleep-in kinda day, I guess. Emma was up early not feeling well again, but has settled down now and watching shows in her room.

My headache was so bad last night, I was completely crippled with pain all night. At 9 pm Mark finally made me go lay in the bedroom with the lights off and rubbed my back for about 20 minutes...ZZzzzz - I was out! I didnt wake up till 2am! The headache was gone, but I had trouble getting back to sleep. Now this morning I can feel "remnants" of the pain, hoping it doesnt start back up again. I had a headache similar to this one at Magic Mountain one year. It was 114 degrees (no exaggeration) and I rode rides for about 45 minutes till I got this massive migraine and sat out the rest of the day. Watched everyone else ride the rides of a lifetime, while I sat in the heat holding my temples. Blech.

Tonight is a special doodad of Survivor. Not a new one, but looks like some behind the scenes film, and best of stuff. Then right after that is Amazing Race. Whee!

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving..for those of you celebrating I hope you have a good day with friends or family. If you have no friends or family, come to my mom's house for the day and we'll all laugh about it together.


I have a really really bad headache that I just cant seem to shake. Couldn't get to sleep last night till nearly 5am. I kept thinking about that car accident, and wondering if the guy was ok. Thinking about how after something like that..everything changes. For weeks and months a lot of their activities will be devoted to repairing vehicles, and repairing bodies, and repairing minds. They'll always remember Thanksgiving 2002 as the year they had the wreck. I couldnt get the two kids faces that were trapped in the red car out of my mind. I wondered how they were doing today.

Emma and Dy came home from Shreveport. Emma had a dentist appointment so Dy and Mark went to that, then dy left for all parts southward. She's probably a little over halfway there by now. Emma started not feeling good about an hour ago, and finally thought she was going to throw up. She kept refusing food allday, so I dont know if her hunger finally caught up with her and actually made her ill (it does that to me if I dont eat) or if she was just jet lagged and recovering from getting up at 4am this morning. She's sleeping now, hopefully she'll feel better when she wakes up.

I'm actually making real progress on Christmas gifts. I'm nearly done with Daniel and Emma. As I mentioned before, we're going pretty light on gifts this year which is good for my bank account.

I need to go drink some more water and try to stay hydrated..hopefully this headache will drown.


I guess Michael Jackson's son said his first word this week. It was "HELP!!!"

Anyway...This evening started out badly. We'd been thrift storing all day. I mean all day. We left the house at 11:30 and were just returning home at 5:30. We were at a stoplight at 58th and Kipling, which is less than a mile from our house. We were the second car in line in the far right lane. There was a big truck to the left of us, in the middle lane, stationary..stopped at the same light we were. The light was just about to turn green and all of the sudden we heard this tremendous *crash!!* The truck in the lane next to us rocketed back, we could tell he'd been hit *hard* from the front somehow, although he was stopped at the light. I jumped out of the car and ran up there, yelling at Mark to give me his phone.

A little red car had smashed into the stationary truck head on, after being t-boned by another big truck. The red car had two people in it that were completely freaking out. We could tell what had happened, the red car had turned from southbound to eastbound on a red light, and the traveling truck had turned on a green arrow from eastbound to northbound. So the two were making exact opposite turns in the same intersection at the same time. The traveling truck hit the car broadside which pushed the red car head on in the stationary truck. Are you following this? No? Well lucky for you I've drawn you a map. The black truck in the middle of the intersection is the "traveling" truck. It's pictured where it ended up. The black truck next to us, is the "stationary" truck. The red blob is the car, of course..pictured where it finally ended up.

See? Get it? Now take a gander at this mess:

It was so damn freaky. I didnt know what to do, no one did. I was the only one with a phone so I was busy talking to 911. (I was hoping Tom would answer). Seems like as soon as I hit "end" on the 911 call there were sirens coming from everywhere.

I was standing on the NE corner for a long time just watching. It was a little surreal before the cops got there. The people in the red car were just sitting in their car freaking out, you could tell the passenger was really injured, and trapped. They had their seatbelts on, I noticed..but it was an old car, no airbag. There were a lot of motorists standing around, but we were all almost dead silent...all you could hear were the sirens. The girl came out of the traveling black truck and started asking everyone around..."I had a green arrow, didnt I? Did you see I had an arrow?" Freaky!

I finally caught back up with Mark and we zoomed home and unloaded a days worth of wonderful thrift store finds. (Including 11 baqs of books..whee!) Daniel and I immediately jumped back in the car to go back over and see what was going on. (We were going to Payless anyway..really!) That's when I took the picture and talked to some more people standing around. The guy was still trapped in the red car. They were using the "jaws" and pretty soon you saw the door just *zing* over the car when they finally got it off. There must have been 35 people standing on the corner. "Did you see what happened? "Ooh, look at that.." They can't get that guy out." "Wow, I can't believe this."

I think the most unnerving thing of all, is where Mark and I were in relation to everything that happened. A few seconds here, a missed stoplight's all part of what's in store for us. I am so grateful to be sitting here right now.


If you get me only one gift this year, please make it a genuine Potty Putter-Piddle Poop 'N Putt.

Accept no imitations.

thanks, Presurfer..


Some people have been writing about their weird thanksgivings they've had through the years. I think all of our thanksgivings have been weird. They're always really strained and artificial. Once the sink got backed up and we had to do the thanksgiving dishes in the bathtub. Another Thanksgiving I think there was an argument and my sister left or something. The holiday as we knew it has been pretty non existant since Dan and I got divorced. I did nothing the first year, I think Mark and I made some steaks at my apartment. Last year I know we had Emma, and I think we made turkey. That's bad that I can't even remember. This year we're going to my moms. I have some idea what that will be like. Again, Im grateful that Cindi and I have been talking more than usual lately, I think that will make it better.

When Amanda was over she mentioned that she'd like to invoke some new foods and traditions into our which Cindi and I immediately balked about it. We complain about how much the holiday sucks, but then get riled up when anyone wants to change it. lol. But it'll be exactly the same as it always is, everyone gets there just in time to put the finishing touches on the food, we eat, digest briefly, play a game and have coffee, and leave too soon. It's not too soon for us, but I always get the feeling my mom wishes everyone would stay longer. Maybe not this year. She'll probably be ready for us all to go. I can't wait to get Mark's take on my mother after the whole thing is over.

Katie and I are going to watch Cheaters. If you're not watching this show, you are missing some seriously hilarious television.

What a fun day. It's the day your mind conjours up when you say Lazy Sunday.

We got up late and didn't do anything. Charlie came over and they decided not to go to the game. We made a big breakfast (an artery clogger) that filled us all up for the rest of the day. Ham, scrambled eggs with cheese, and fried potatoes with onions. Katie and Charlie watched the Osbourne's marathon and Mark and I ate breakfast in bed and watched Harry Potter 2 on the pc. (3 stars.) We've had a small fire in the fireplace all day and as yet no one is fighting. lol.

Daniel finally came home from downtown and we cleaned for 10 minutes which is all it took to get things looking really good again. (We've been keeping everything so tidy lately!) Emma's room got a little unruly but that won't take long.

Max is leaving, Mary is busy. Dy is relaxing and Laura and Denny are crafting. It's snowing and Katie just made coffee.

Damn, this is good.

Sunday already.

But we don't have to make the drive again today, which is again very nice. We've decided to do absolutely nothing except sit around in our sweats and watch movies. We've just started a nice fire cause it snowed last night and it's c-c-cold. It's become a game to see how deep into the winter we can get without turning on the heat. And the air quality is "blue" today, (cant burn on "red" days) so we can burn to our heart's content.

Daniel is going downtown again, maybe with a girl named Heather that's been hanging around a bit. What happened to Olga? We don't know.

Katie and Charlie are headed for the Bronco game where Charlie's grandfather is being posthumously honored (again). Im not sure what his big connection was with the Broncos, I know he was integral in starting the whole Orange Crush campaign years and years ago. Charlie's family owns a very successful business so I'm sure his grandfather was a nice supporter for the Broncos, and that probably has something to do with it too. I really am clueless about the whole thing.

Edit---After about 30 minutes of searching, I did find this press release:

Aug. 22, 2001

"Charlie Goldberg truly was Mr. Bronco, and he will be deeply missed by all those who knew him. He was a dedicated and tireless supporter for the entire Denver community, but his particular love was for the Broncos. Charlie was one of the original founders of the Denver Broncos Quarterback Club, was a constant advisor to me and to generations of players on numerous matters, began Orange Sunday, and was known for his trademark statement, 'Big Orange. How sweet it is!' He was one of the original members of my Denver Broncos Ring of Fame committee. No one has ever been more genuine, more sincere, more loyal. Charlie Goldberg's passing is a tremendous loss to the Denver community."

So there ya go. the Broncos loved charlies Grandpa. Fun in a bun.

Oh, those critical IM moments. Dontcha love em? Arguing or discussing things through an IM. Waiting for the person's next response, typing fast and furious, being careful to try to convey the proper "tone" which is so difficult through text only.

Maybe you know what I'm talking about, maybe you don't. It's agonizing, and exhausting.


Saturday Saturday ever lovin Saturday-ay..

It was fun to have Cindi and Amanda over today. Everyone exchanged belated birthday and halloween schwag and it was fun. Amanda and Justin's engagement pictures are really nice, I am going to help her with some of the cost..they're so expensive...but they're really good. We sat around and watched the Osbourne's marathon, and laughed a bunch at the bumbler from Brum. Ozzy is from the same town in England that Mark is from. That's kinda fun.

Well, another week has ticked by and there's been no marvelous or horrible developments of any kind. Except that I have a madly ingrown toenail, (glamorous, eh?) which for a diabetic can be really bad. So I am going to bite the bullet and visit a doctor on Monday, I just can't take the pain anymore. Who knows how much this little incident will end up costing me. *sigh....Americans without health insurance. It just shouldnt be. Then Kt informed me tonight that she has lost a filling, and it's hurting. So..also on Monday I will be at the dentist trying to get this taken care of for little or no money down. lol. I already am paying the dentist $150 a month on her $700 crown. (And that fee was WITH insurance!) And one saving grace is that due to family dysfunction and grudge holding, my Christmas "buy-for" list has been whittled down to a manageable number. lol!

I hate the spend spend spend mentality of Christmas anyway. We never have spent a lot on our kids, and birthdays are no exception. People used to really gimme the gumption about spending only $25 total on my kids' birthdays or Christmas gifts, but my kids have never really known any different from me, and they appreciate the thought that does go into what they do get. Mark says I am a great gifter. He said "they arent just's a production" I like that. I think my sister is a good gift buyer. The funniest thing she ever gave me was a book jacket for Kathie Lee's book "I Can't Believe I Said That". She attached a sticky note to it that said "It's yours as soon as I finish reading it". Clever.

Im chatting with Mary, dishing about the latest developments in our lives, and our friend's lives.
Ok, we're gossiping if you must know.

Well last night was pretty fun. The band was a quartet of baby boomers. Actually it was their first gig ever. They did ok I think. Played too long between sets and didnt go talk to a lot of the people that came to see them. It's like the golden rule of bar band playing. Make sure you stop and say howdy to the people that are bumping up the house numbers for you. Anyway, it was a decent night, I was having stomach problems later, so we didn't play a game of pool like we wanted to. There were about 7 of us at the table, but some of the people Cindi knew got up immediately to play pool together, which I thought was pretty rude. They didn't even speak to us, so whatever.

Amanda is coming over around 2 to hang out and give Katie and Daniel their belated birthday presents. I gotta go tidy the living room or I'll never hear the end of it.


This is the kind of colorado day that totally screws you up, wardrobe-wise. We got up this morning and it was c-c-old. I put on a jeans and a big warm sweater. I went to the grocery store and by then it was nearly 70 degrees outside and I was roasting. Changed into a sweater tank. The suns gone down so I got cold and put on a lightweight sweatshirt. (I'm not kidding, this is all true...) But now it's time to decide what to wear out later, so I've just changed again into a "kt reccomended" sweater. I've seen so many jokes about Colorado - "Run your a/c and your heat in the same day". true, true.

It's like, frantic.

It's really not, but I feel frantic, do you know what I mean? I can't seem to relax without worrying about things I should be doing. I feel like my heart is pounding. Hate that. Stress, I think.

Kt and charlie are getting ready to go up to Dan's for dinner. It's a long way up there; about 50 minutes straight into the mountains. At least it isn't snowing.

Im surprised Cindi didn't say something about my little "fault" quiz. My whole life my family members have told me that I'm mean. That it's not what I say, it's how I say it. Teachers even said I could be verbally cruel. It's funny that the quiz came out that way.

This is a 17 minute movie blatantly ripped from jhames site, who ripped it from someone else. But it's funny as hell.Watch it. Watch it all.

Anyone who's ever opened a porn website they couldnt get out of will be able to relate.

Farm Animals

take the "what's my fault" quiz.


Survivor was great. Bye bye Penny Pie. I left my analysis over at Jennifer's place, as usual. Feel free to add your own.

We had a nice fire and some *good* coffee while Vivoring tonight. It just wasn't the same without emma singing the Oh EE Oh EE oh along with the show, tho. I hope her and mommy are having fun in Shreveport. It was weird not driving south today to go get her. and tomorrow night we are actually going to get to go "out" on a Friday night which is unusual, cause we usually have Emma on the weekends. We're going to see a son of someone that my sister knows play in a band. Live music is always a bit iffy. How long we stay will depend on the beer on tap and the music genre. Might be fun, tho. Been trying to get a hold of Mary to see if she wants to go...Maaarrrryyyy...where are you?!

And I hope all the CoLoggers and wannabe's will check the CoLoggers site in the next few days, as an announcement for the next get together will be made there soon. Please sign in there if you plan to attend. It'll be a hoot!

It takes me longer and longer to get going in the morning, I keep adding to my blogrolling list and have to read all the updates before I am officially "up". Then I scan the headlines online to see if anything exciting has happened overnight. Appears that Michael Jackson "made a mistake" when he dangled his son out the balcony this week.

Yesterday we took Dy with us to Salvation Army and arc..I don't think she wanted to leave! It was 75 cent clothing day at Sally, and I found 3 great sweaters for Katie. One is an Abercrombie sweater that is *really* cute that she loves. I am so addicted to thrift stores.

Im off to hit the showers, then off to run errands and hit another Sally in Lakewood, ($2 a bag book day! Whee!) We've got over $9K in books listed in inventory. Time for a few more....

Tonight is vivor. Im so excited. It's so exciting. Im Toby.


Howdy dooty tooty fruity to my one and likely only visitor from the msnbc referral. So I'm waving to anne in nyc and blogrolling her too. I read her blog tonight and it's interesting. She's going through the beginnings of a divorce, and they're at the "gimme my stuff" stage. Always good for a read.

Barb (no link) came by and signed the guestmap too, also from New York. Says she was "just surfing." mm hmm...

It's hard to sit back and watch your friends make what you think is a big mistake, even if it's for the right reasons. I know it's not my life, and it's none of my business. It just gives me the creeps to see my friend shun all the good will and support they've been given and instead glom on to a situation that will likely be detrimental in the end. Pushing away the people that matter, in favor of the things that made them so unhappy before. It's the kind of situation where it is easier to back away from the friendship than to watch the mistake.

Thanks Trent for pointing out the shout from about this here blog! They mentioned the Cologgers and the kids with markers picture. But funny that they can take miscelleanous quotes from me from here and there in the blog..and yet spell my name wrong. *sigh.... Apparently someone sent them my link, so thanks to whoever did that. I wish they'd have posted a better quote than thy self serving pompous one they choose. lol They listed the CoLoggers site on their blog indexes tho, that's even more fun.

We're being lazy today, Dy, Emma, me and Mark are just lazing around waiting till airport time, around 3:00. I feel like I need a nap.

Dy brought Krispy Kreme last night, that brat. We've devoured (Im ashamed to say) almost 2 dozen donuts between all of us, including Katie and Daniel. Actually, I don't think Katie had any. We're gluttons for Krispy Kreme.


Just sitting around not doing much. Kt and I went to the post office and then to Target for "stuff". It's so easy to fill a cart at Target. I didn't tho, just a few things.

I have a yummy roast in the oven, Dy is coming to stay the night before they go to the airport and to Louisianna tomorrow afternoon. The house is pretty tidy, except for my bedroom of man's land. (well, man)

Am listening to Elton John (Madman Across The that CD) and just chillin.

Daniel went to all his classes today.


Things are just not good here.

I am at a loss as to what to do about Daniel. He has no concept of what he is doing to me, himself or his future. He continues to make poor decisions day after day after day. His teachers are all so supportive, and since he is in Special Ed he has a 'primary provider' that looks after him on a regular basis, and she is convinced that he can be turned around. But all of this support has to have some effort on Daniel's part and while he says he wants to succeed, the effort just isn't there. At all. He doesn't seem to mind being grounded, he's a loner and he has no activities to look forward to anyway. It seems to bother him some when I am upset about his behavior, but the behavior always begins again. He eludes to the prospect of running away. I'm just so sad about all of this.

Michael Jackson, second from right, arrives inside Santa Barbara County Superior Court, Wednesday, Nov 13, 2002 in Santa Maria, Calif.

Im so glad they pointed that he was the one that was second from the right. Michael Jackson is so hard to pick out in a crowd of an old white guy, a hispanic and a black man that's still black.

Not fun not fun not fun.

I spilled coffee in my spill proof keyboard and now it's not working. It is the only keyboard that works with my machine because of some silly mobo issue. Also found out that Daniel has been missing a lot of school. (Well, I wouldnt say he's been "missing" it.. - Office Space reference - ).

So Im trying to deal with that, and tidy up the house a bit for Dy to come and have a sleepover tomorrow night. Whee.

Im typing on Kt's pc and I have been granted exactly 5 minutes, so I have to go now.


Im bored but have plenty to do. Begged off the drive today cause I have to take Megan home later maybe, back down to our old apartments. Got up and went to pick up Daniel only to find him and Dan having an argument when I got there. not good. I wish Daniel could adopt the same cursory attitude that the girls have towards Dan, they have finally learned that it's not fun, healthy, or necessary to have him in their lives. Katie doesn't have the animosity that Amanda has towards Dan, but I think she's just so successfully removed herself emotionally that it doesn't affect her anymore. Amanda has decided not to invite Dan to her wedding. She told me last night that it seems ridiculous to invite him when she can't stand him, he hasn't talked to her in a year and a half, and she has no interest in a relationship after the wedding. She felt like inviting him would be an invitation back into her life, which she doesn't want.

Speaking of, I get to see her and Justin's engagement pictures when she comes over on Thursday night. Whee! I told her..well, it is Survivor night but I guess I can tape it. She said "No, it's Friends night.." I wish I had a scanner to put a picture up, but all she has right now is the proofs maybe later I can get one up.

Im bored. Lazy.


It's not a party till you suck down a cupcake.

I'd like to plead insanity, please.

Today is Katie's 17th birthday and she has some friends over. It's just Charlie, Megan and Vanessa (Vermin we call her), but it's noisy enough to sound like a houseful. Emma is here so of course that adds about 100 decibles or so. She got so excited when they got here, and she hasn't slowed down since. She's getting to stay up much later than usual because to try to put her to bed now would be a crime..she's having so much fun.

I had to get up ultra early for a Saturday today to get Daniel to Conifer by 9am. He spent the day skiiing with his dad, and called me around 6:30pm already bored out of his mind. Dan offered to bring him home late in the afternoon tomorrow but Daniel pleaded for me to come and get him earlier, so I am meeting Dan at 10:30 in the morning. It's mommy day again already tomorrow, so that means another 2 hours down and 2 hours back tomorrow afternoon too. Hello, I sit in the car. It's what I do.

We went out to breakfast before running mega errands today. We were at Denny's and they have these little cups of toys that you snap together to make things. Mark made this very intricate little car with wheels and a steering wheel and everything. He presented it to Emma and said "hey, look at this car daddy made.." she was non-plussed and said: "Where's the cup holder?" lol!

Had some very nice conversations about the future last night, and I feel really good about it all. Some things had been making me insecure lately, and we got them completely ironed out and I feel better than I ever have in this relationship. Nice, very nice. I remember when Dan and I first broke up and feeling like the "having a relationship" part of my life was over. I felt that I had wasted 16 years for nothing, for a love affair that never happened, and instead spent all that time with a total jerk. I felt fat, disgusting, and lazy. I felt that I'd missed my chance at any true happiness with someone that I loved that loved me back, and that I was too old to start over, and who would want me anyway? Even me and Mark's relationship was ultra rocky for a long time, and I kept trying to make it into something he didn't want. After 2 and a half years of wringing my hands (go read the archives, you'll see how bad things were..) - I finally pulled away intending to move on with another broken heart..but obviously that's not what happened. Without going into details that are Mostly Nobody's Business.. suffice to say that I believe things, events and people are put in our path to foster a higher plan for our life. Even the bad shit happens for a reason. It's just hard to see it at the time. Impossible, really.

I do believe though that there has to remain some glimmer of hope somewhere inside or we are doomed to fail. I've seen a lot of people who have given up on their lives and it eminates from their whole body, affecting everything including personality and activities. The physical self suffers, and the mental well being is barely hanging on. I've been there myself, I know the signs and symptoms. Like I said, it eminates from them. They're practically glowing with defeat. I could go into a lot of detail here about me..and about other people I know..great examples.. but I really don't want to. With the help of friends (and yes, meds) I found hope somewhere and I managed to stand again after feeling like I was crawling on broken glass, and getting nowhere. And thank God.

That's a big part of the problem with me not speaking to my parents. The problems that caused those rifts happened during "the bad times" and though Im a completely different person now, I just can't make the move to restore the relationships. I've finally restored myself, and can see good things for me in the future, but I need to make some baby steps to keep going. Im glad Cindi and I are talking the way we are now, that's a definate plus.

I can hear the kids whooping and hollering downstairs, and it makes me really happy. The last few years with Dan were not pretty, and there are 2 birthdays of Katies that I remember that went by practically unrecognized because there was major shit going down at the time. Really, really bad times. She deserves this really fun birthday this year, and Im so glad she's having fun.

I mean really. Will we ever know what the fuck is up with Michael Jackson? What is with his damn face? He's got plastic shit or something all over his face. What is that? He's seriously mental. Non face related story and larger picture here.

Daniel: "Mom, why doesn't Katie have a curfew and I do?"

2:30pm - ring on the cell phone from Katie: "Im going to Charlie's, I will be back later."
8:30pm - Phone call from Katie: "We're waiting for some people to come over, probably won't be home till around 11"
10:55 pm - Phone call from Katie: "Just letting you know we're leaving Charlie's just now.."

That's why Katie doesn't need a curfew. It's all about communication, boy...


Statue Molesters. No explanation necessary.

Blog blog blog. What is there to blog about.

We had a decent trip down south. Got there in plenty of time for the meeting, and Emma and I watched HPotter while the grownups went and did grownup stuff. It's a veritable menagerie at Dy's house, so it's hard to concentrate on anything for any amount of time because there seems to always be a cat or dog underfoot. I fell in love with her kitty Marla, and wanted desperately to bring her home. I need a kitty like Marla. She was cuddly and purry and would sit right on your lap. Hell, we're lucky if Schatze chooses to grace us with his presence in the same room. We went out to eat at Nino's which was pretty good, but I saw the same food again later when I got sick in the middle of the night. I think it was a combination of things that made me finally puke, none of which Im willing to go into for fear of "bringing it all back up again". HA!

Watched Survivor with Laura, Denny, Dy and Emma. I think they thought I was some sort of weirdo freakazoid cause I was projecting irritation that people were milling about, etc while it was on. Im not a freak about most things, but I just do Survivor a certain way I guess. I would never be good at a Survivor watching party. I do like hanging out there tho, wish I had a chance to do it more often.

Today we loaded up a bunch of wood that Dy had in her backyard and headed for home..which seemed to take forever. We had some stupid quibble quabble near Colorado springs and that was the end of the talking till we got home. Not a fight, just words..then everyone shuts up. Emma was sleeping, so it was ultra silent the rest of the way home. That made the last part of the drive kinda sucky. But no harm done, and everything was ok.

Cindi came and took Daniel to dinner and to buy some longjohns for his ski trip with his dad tomorrow. She came in and hung out with Emma for a bit. I think Cindi might like Emma just a tad. lol ..

I have to have Daniel up in Conifer at 9am. Bllleehhh. Tomorrow is Katie's 17th birthday and we dont have much of anything in the way of plans..she has to work during the day and is having friends over at night. I will post blackmail pictures!

I am worried about Christmas. What am I going to buy these people? I thought about making stuff but it always comes out crappy. Ideas, anyone?

We're baaaack..

Long drive, bleh. Cindi wants to know why no one is blogging. Maybe life just isn't blogworthy at the moment. I am cooking dinner. Top Sirloin and fried potatoes. ohmygodyummy. I promise more later.


Almost ready to leave. Thermos is full of coffee, munchies and reading material are ready to go. Of course we have to stop at the post office on our way out of town. It wouldnt be a weekday if we weren't at the post office.

Am anxiously looking forward to Vivor tonight, looks like we'll be vivor'ing with Laura and Denny, which will be fun. I saw the previews and it looks like this will be the one where everyone gets a message from home in some form. They always freak out about that. Can't wait.

Ok, hitting the road. Have a nice night and be good to each other.


Thrift store ho's today. Found some fun things I think. I just got a book (yes I had to order it, we didnt have it!!) on depression glass so I know a little bit better what Im looking for now. We'll see if that makes a difference at all.

Tonight is Amazing Race, hope it's on..last week it wasn't due to the Country Music Awards. (Bleh. Dont get me started on Country Music.) And then hang out time, getting ready for the big drive to Monte Vista tomorrow. 4 hours in the car with a break for lunch. We're going to go to the grocery store in a bit and get some munchies to bring to distract us and keep us from killing each other. Maybe even a magazine..ooohh...

Is it me or does this kitty look like his head is on upside-down?

A book about blogging. I need this.


Why you don't give kids markers for Christmas...

Amanda: Can you believe Kt will be 17 on Saturday? Can you believe I am 21? Do you feel old?
Danelle: No, not really.
Amanda: Well you should!
Danelle: Well I don't, Im not old.
Amanda: Yea, you kind of are.

Tonight has been very lazy. Made bbq pork ribs, garlic bread and beans. Nummmmay. Mark is listing books and I am chatting and faffing. Mary and I are anxiously awaiting Max to get home cause we hijacked his comments on his site. lol.

Tomorrow we have no plans. Thursday we have to drive 4 hours to Monte Vista so Mark can attend a meeting at Emma's school. Then we will stay the night at Dy's (Emma's mom) and drive back Friday. I am dreading the drive, believe me. I finished my book so I hve to find another good one by then. Lord knows I have a couple to choose from.

Im unmotivated and Im eating chocolate covered cherries. good move.

Sometimes I am so glad that I only have to deal with certain people on a cursory level in my life. I would go nuts trying to explain to them over and over..."Listen, here's how it works. You have a problem with me, you tell me. That's how it gets fixed." It's fascinating really, how direct communication works. I think it's because they are afraid of the truth. Does that make sense? It's easier to just bitch and moan to someone else about what happened, and feel right and righteous...then to actually find out that it was your fault that it happened in the first place.

We just got back from seeing The RIng. Oooh, spooky ooky. Don't wait and see it on video, it will lose a lot of it's "oomph". It was so fun, there were only 3 other couples in the whole theater. Of course we're so silly we're hollering "Do you see two seats together anywhere?!" Then we went and visited Our Friends, The Postal Workers. Yesterday was a holiday..we were w-a-y behind! Now it's chill time. Right after the grocery store. *sigh.

You know...Grr. I don't know. People just wont tell you things to your face and that infuriates me. They just let shit go by and then Tell Someone Else who tells me. And by then the story is all fucked up.

Ok, this is way too much irritation for 11:20 in the morning. I am gonna go to the movies and just have a nice day.

A couple of plugs by the way - go read Max's account of what happened here Saturday night. Hilarious.

And are we all pissed at Uncle Bob? Of course we are. I *woke up* wanting to know what happened with Pervy. And what did we get? nothing. Ohhh, you Uncle Bob.....


We're all very sad cause it looks like Max is not going to be able to stay here in the US. He's exhausted nearly every resource available and now has resigned himself to the fact that he has to leave..and is now concentrating on how soon he can come back. It's all really really unfair, and I don't like the INS at all today.

I'm madly listing ebay stuff. I'm way behind. Had a good day of bargain hunting. Tomorrow we are going to spend the day at the movies. Whee!

Oh, Im so excited. My first guestmapper from Australia! Hellooo Julie Ann! Says she's an American living in Australia, and found me through my 100 things page. Cool! Just starting to read her site now.

Make the switch. To Canada.


Check out my friend Moose. Check out Marys pictures too.

Oh man..this is the equivalent of passing notes back and forth in 5th grade. I'm having a great time chatting to my friends, let me tell you.

Today was...ugh. Just driving. 2 hours southward to drop the midge with mommy. Sometimes the drive is okay, today it just sucked. Really blah. Everything is dead. No scenery, no snow...just gray. Everything.gray.

Daniel is in troulble, rightfully so. But it doesn't make it any easier. Daniel's access to freedom and alone-ness is what he lives for it seems. So of course that's what gets taken away when he abuses it and it that is the end of the world to him; to not be able to get home from school and just go. But there are "checking in" rules and I get very worried very quickly when that time passes without a call. First I panic, then I get mad when they finally do call. It's because one time Katie didn't call. For 4 days. I was a blithering, suicidal mess. It was February, and it was snowing. I barely remember anything about those 4 days. Constant phone calls to friends and Charlie's mom (they were together) who I had never even met.

So when I think the call is overdue, I start thinking about that. What that felt like. And start replaying the past few days in my head. But then they do call. Then they are grounded.

Mom wants me to come to her house for Thanksgiving. Because "I already have all the stuff." What stuff is that? Food? Bring it over here. Kitchen implements? I was married for almost 15 years and I have a shitload of kitchen implements. Plus Mark and I just moved in together, so we merged two people's implements. We're loaded, baby.

But she wants us to come there. Ohh, man. I really don't think anyone is quite ready for that.

Grr. Where is Daniel.

Ack! I have no time for pics...have to go to Pueblo to drop Emma off. Pics tonight!


Well, I hope it's not an omen.

Mary was here and then left to go get her pooch. We're all excited about that, he's such a cutie! But now Max just called and his car broke down! He is way farther than he should be on I-70 and is not even exactly sure *where* he is. So Mark just left in search of. So, here I am with beer and snacks, hanging with Emma. Whee!

Whee! Spent the day being grouchy at each other, which is always a blast.

Max and Mary are on their way over. Is something up with those two? Don't know. Maybe. Thought maybe a little intimate indoor fun (board games!..sheesh) would be good to see if any sparks is aflyin. Max may have to go back to the UK soon, but it's all up in the air right now. So we have lots of imports in the fridge, some creamy stuff ready to have with coffee and a fire. Should be fun. Maybe we'll take a picture.

Daniel just got on a bus and rode downtown. Squeee! Hope he does ok. Im mostly worried about him getting back home. and there's a veterans day parade, so I hope the streets aren't closed, and oh..Katie took my car to work and I'm worried about that..and ooh, Max and Mary are coming over tonight and I probably won't have time to get my house perfectly clean, and ooh..I have to go to the post office, and ooh I'm just worried about everything.

Mary has done a fabulous job on the CoLoggers web page. Look at it here. We want to get together at least once a month, so if anyone in Colorado (or Nebraska, Utah, New Mexico or Wyoming...we don't's your gas) wants to join us please do. We're harmless, really. But we do laugh a lot and make fun of everyone we know that isn't present. C'mon!

I have to go do something now. I don't know what.

I swear I am not making this shit up. Art knows.

MJM: Good Evening
Danelle: whats up
MJM: Not much, just waiting for the bed to dry.
Danelle: oh?
MJM: Yeah, busy night :)
Danelle: ick. change the sheets.
MJM: Can't, it's the only set I have that fits.
Danelle: eew. i dont want to hear it.
Danelle: that's gross.
MJM: It's not gross, it's natural. Sort of.
Danelle: Yea so is urine, shit and vomit, but I dont wanna sleep in it.
Danelle: so its going well i guess with the bruise queen I take it?
MJM: Yeah, not too bad. she's good to talk with. The sex isn't the greatest but it's good to be with someone, anyone.
DanelleOShea: how is it not the greatest?
MJM: She's not a participator at all, and her cooter is a bit larger than I can accomodate fully. Her orgasm face looks like she's in pain and that's slightly disturbing . most of the time she basically just lays there and does nothing. But at least Im getting some.
Danelle: Well, getting your priorities in order is half the battle. Gotta run for now...

I'm finally starting to get some of my mp3's back after we lost them all in the big reload. Came across this favorite...

We can't begin to know it
How much we really care
I hear your voice inside me
I see your face everywhere
Still you say

We belong to the light, we belong to the thunder
We belong to the sound of the words
We've both fallen under
Whatever we deny or embrace, for worse or for better
We belong, we belong
We belong together


Copied from somewhere else:

I am: danelle
I think: Minivans should be banned
I know: more than you
I want: to be secure
I have: 3 kids
I wish: my bedroom was clean
I hate: poverty
I miss: my dad
I fear: losing my relationship
I hear: music and someone showering
I wonder: if I've made the right choices
I regret: more than i could list here, mostly not talking to my parents
I love: my kids
I ache: for children who turn up missing, abused, etc.
I care: about all the people in my life
I like: delivering bad news
I always: judge people too harshly
I am not: thin
I dance: badly
I sing: pretty well if you ask me. No one else agrees.
I cry: too much
I do not always: keep my cool
I fight: for no reason sometimes
I write: because it is satisfying
I win: hearts.
I lose: my planner
I confuse: navigational directions
I listen: to great music
I can usually be found: in front of the computer
I need: to clean my house
I am happy about: my life
I should: lose weight

A running around crazy day.

Started off having to package several things, even though we weren't going to the post office. Don't ask me why. I don't know. Then we took Emma to the dentist to get her spacer thingies put back in. Not fun not fun not fun.

We went by Goodwill on the way home and found some purdies. I need a soap dish in the bathroom upstairs, but couldn't find anything acceptable. Weirdest thing, I've just all of the sudden noticed that my soap dish is gone. No one seems to have any clue where it is. Weirdness.

Then we came home and Mark took off for Sally to get books. It was late already and I told him to be back by 4:15 cause he's taking Daniel to see the movie 8 mile at 4:50 and it's opening day. So at 4:20 he calls and he's still there. Grrr. He just picked Daniel up about 5 minutes ago, they're going to barely make it if at all. Damn thing's probably sold out anyway.

So Emma just settled in after some Tylenol and Taco Bell pintos and cheese and is watching Beetlejuice. I have a headache and wonder how long it is till bedtime.

Classic. Lifted from Walt:

"Baby, everyone's beautiful when they're a 12 point screen font. Everyone's hung and gorgeous online. No one smells or has bad breath when they type. And every picture you get has been carefully selected."

So true. We all have our horror stories don't we? Anyone who has dated any number of people from online can attest. But sometimes, once in a while, it works. I am so blessed.


Amanda: How did Katie's first day of work go?
Me: Oh, good..she likes it.
Amanda: Did she cry?
Me: No, why would she cry?
Amanda: I always cry when I start a new job cause I'm nervous and I don't know anything.
Me: You cry before you go to work on the first day?
Amanda: No, I cry during the day. All day.


Here's something mean but ridiculous that Dan used to do to me. I'm amazed at the level of immaturity this conveys.

Let me preface, for effect.

I cannot function properly without my coffee in the morning. I will enact whatever means necessary to have coffee. If I realize the night before, even just before bed that there is no coffee, I will go get some, to ensure having it in the morning. (Rest assured, this never happens, I always make sure I have coffee.) It doesn't matter if I am rushing around late like a chicken with it's head cut off, I will be just a little bit later so I can make coffee.

If for some reason Dan and I got into an argument before he left for work, he would take the coffee, so I couldn't have any. Not "take all the coffee in the pot". ALL the coffee. The can of coffee. All the cans of coffee. He knew that this would start my day off in the shittiest way possible. He also used to take the morning paper, as that was another thing I enjoyed in the morning. After we got the computer he would take the mouse.

He also used to like to destroy things that were important to me. Completely worthless sentimental things that he knew would crush me. I'm a very sentimental person, and Isave things that remind me of special people and times. I have a house daniel made for me out of popsicle sticks and electrical tape when he was 5. I have the restaurant receipt from the first time Mark and I went out. I have the pool chalk from the first game of pool we ever played together. I have a bowling trophy of my dads. I have a shirt of my grandma's wrapped tightly in a plastic bag, so when I open it I can still smell her. I keep all these silly things in a hope chest I got for graduation. So back when I was about 18 or so, my mom was going through her dresser drawers and was going to throw away an old pair of cat-eye prescription glasses she had worn years before. I remembered her wearing them when I was 4 or 5 years old, so I took them off her and put them in my hope chest. One of Dan's favorite tricks was to go to my hope chest and grab something out of it and break it, right in front of me. One day he crunched those glasses up like they were tin foil. To this day that pisses me off. I managed to glue them back together somewhat and I still have them but damn..that was one of the meanest things he ever did to me. I'm a very non-materialistic person and instead covet these trinkets of memories, so that's what he went for. Everytime.

I do smile though, about the $300 Ficus plant that he loved. He doted on this damn plant for minutes a day. Washed the leaves. Tested the soil. Watered it "just so". One day when he had done something mean to me and then left, I gave that tree a nice big drink of Mr Clean. Hee. To this day he is convinced he overwatered it. And yes, I know I was lowering myself to his level by doing this...but it sure felt good for a while.

Make sure any of you that love Survivor as much as the rest of us (you know, us smart, funny, intelligent ones) go put your .02 in at Jennifer's place. Best Survivor chat around.

I made a yummy homemade chicken pot pie for dinner, and I am still bloated from it. Carb heaven.

Emma is here and that means everything is noisy! She was wired up when she got here so we went and ran a bunch of errands, I think she's settled quite a bit since then. She was insane at the grocery store, begging us to get her one of those "coupon pull out thingies" for Christmas. "Plleeeease?!"

Ebay sales are going really good, and books are even better. It is keeping us very busy, but in a good way. Mark and I were talking tonight about how much we are looking forward to Christmas this year..which is odd because it will probably be the poorest one we've ever had, since we've been adults. We just plan on surrounding ourselves with friends and this family, fires in the fireplace and coffee brewing at the end of the day. Now that's nice.

Emma is so upset that Dylan is not coming over that she actually got herself is pseudo trouble. She asked so many times, and wanted to know why why why!! he's not coming over that Mark finally told her that "he's NOT coming, I told you he's NOT coming and don't ask me again. I mean it." 10 minutes later. "Why isn't Dylan coming?" Eeep! Run! Flee! Daddy's mad! lol.

She just loves that boy.

We are going to the post office (yes again, you think I'm kidding when I tell you we are there everyday. and to the grocery store, which will make everyone happy because we have had no bread, no milk, and no fruit for days. We have had diet coke, tho. Bread, milk and fruit can wait. Diet Coke I will go to the store at 11pm for.

Got a call today from the old dusty book place where i used to work to find out something about some damn thing I did last April. I was not about to help them figure anything out that I'd done way back when and who gives a flying fuck anyway. I know Miss Pretentious is the one that needed the info, along with the crony BB, who can take her "Let's Go Look At The Grass" committee and her board and shove it up her tight white ass. So I didn't feel too bad about pleading the fifth and repeating "I don't know. I don't remember. I don't recall". Hee. I'd be great on trial.

We also got into a discussion about Miss Yes This Is My Real Ass who I was disappointed to learn is still a living breathing human being. Ok, that was mean. But I'm not gonna erase it! Also found out that Farmer In The Dell is not in the running for the coveted Director position. Guess he couldnt get the wheat out of his teeth long enough to mumble through his thin lips for an interview.

I know, *venom*. It's not becoming. But it's cathartic. I don't brush things under the rug, I don't mince words. Y'all should know that by now.


I was chatting to Dy about decorating for Christmas soon, and I was reminded of why the fuck I have literally no Christmas decorations anymore. No, it's not cause Dan got em all in the divorce, (although he did take some of them, which I thought was so stupid. Men don't care about that shit, he was just being mean...maybe it was the sentimentality of it all, I mean he did invite his girlfriend that he was cheating on me with to our last Christmas party and all...ANYway...).

So, no it's not cause he took em, it's cause he ruined em.

I had a big plastic underbed box with all my christmas stuff in it. Ornaments the kids had made since preschool, things that were on my moms tree when I was a kid that she gave me, ornaments my friend Kathy (she died) made for me out of ceramics. All in this nice lovely plastic box in the garage. Well, we had a mouse in the garage one day. And somehow, it got inside this box. Fine, whatever. Take the lid off the box, put some DCon around the place and call it good.


Dan had to shoot the damn thing with a bb gun. In The Box. He hit it. It bled. A lot.

That is why now I have a handful of the CheapestWalMartOrnamentsYouCanBuy.

But that's nothing. Someday maybe I will tell you how mean he really was.

I've been remiss in my guestmap recognitionability. This brings up a point, btw. I think it is so rude when you sign someone's guestbook or guestmap and they completely ignore it. Or when I leave a tag or a comment and they don't respond at all. Ever. There a couple of sites especially where comments seem to go completely ignored, and it really bugs me. It's just me probably. I'm just a bitch.

Lucy came from Chicagoland to visit and said I was an intelligent wise-ass. Why thank you! I read her site semi regularly, her life is a mess too sometimes.
Mirso came all the way from Sarajevo, and he has a site Laura will probably love. It's a lot of very expensive art that I don't understand. Hellloooo Mirso!
Dr. D. The cute Jamaican dermatologist paid me a recipronacious visit. I love his blog. And hey, if ya got a zit or a canker, who ya gonna call, anyway? I added him to the blogroll. Rass!
Bry came and saw me from Rochester, said he was just browsing. Uh huh. We know how that works. We've seen the searches, haven't we? lol.

Ok, Im caught up.

Everything is still boring.

Chatted to Mary for a while tonight, what a hoot. I like her a lot. Yes a LOT. I LOVE her, ok? happy?

Katie got a job, that's news I forgot to post. She starts at Fazoli's tomorrow night. Yee haw. I can't WAIT to start having to go out in all kinds of weather to take her and pick her up from work. No, I'm being sarcastic. Im glad she got a job. At least someone is working. No one else I know is. this will be good for her to be working again. She's always so bummed about not having any spending money.

I was so irritated all night tonight. Mark and I went for dinner and a brew at Heavenly Daze. I really hated the beer I got, it was an Indian Pale Ale but tasted like ass. I only drank about 3 drinks. Had a yummy French dip tho. Love the au jus. but I was so grumpy, I was just talking smack about everyone in the place. Mark was joining in a little as we were naming people. There was Mr BaldyLonghair, The GetThatThingAwayFromMePrude, 3 guys we labeled FatDrunkAndStupid, there was The DrunkWomanThatCantStayInHerChair, and the BartenderThatDoesntOwnAMirror, cause she never would have left the house with her hair looking like that.

Then we were driving, and I was just so irritated and impatient with everything. Drivers, lights, pedestrians, nothing was acceptable. Everyone was a dumbass or an idiot. Mark HATES when I get like that...rightfully so. I was just in a really bad mood. I feel better now that I've had some bisquick.

And on that note...

Nothing's going on. Everything is boring. No one fun is around. I gots nothin to do. Whine whine whine.

I have to deliver dishes tonight for a woman that got them from me on ebay. She just lives down south a bit, and is paying me $10 to deliver whatever. Better than shipping 13 pounds of dishes 8 miles or so.

Im grumpy.

We're heading out for some wicked thrift store revelry, and our almost daily visit to the post office. I had a wicked headache (had to have been a migraine) till about 4:15 am when it finally subsided enough for me to try to sleep. Was nasty.

And look what the postman brought, to be delivered by Santa at a later date...

Blogger is fucking with my pics. aaiiee!

Now I will write a little more about the hella fun we had. We invaded Old Chicago, but they were very nice to us. We left our name up front as the Colorado Bloggers, and they sent everyone back to us. Yes..back. They put us w--aaa--yyy in the back. I think they saw the glint in our eyes or something. CIndi later nicknamed us the cologgers.

Mary was already there when Mark and I arrived a fashionable 5 minutes late. She was so cute! Cindi came next, the door staff leaving her to wander the place on her own to find us. I don't think it was hard, we were already getting a little loud. Then came Dave, who had a scared look on his face. I'm not sure he knew what to think of us boisterous bloggers. Out of everyone, I was most glad that he came, because he really didn't know any of us at all, and he went out on a limb to come and meet and spend time with us, which was really nice. All the rest of us have pretty much sent a few tags or emails to each other over time, so we had an advantage. But he fit right in and he was a very funny guy. Then my friend Tom showed up, which was very cool. He doesn't come out much but once in a while if we go somewhere close to his house he will. He's a riot, too.

Max finally sauntered in in his Wash Park uniform and the fun begin. We laughed, we drank, we made quote motions with our hands.

I can't wait to do it again.


ooooh, a good time was had by all, to be sure. Everyone was a lot of fun, make sure you go visit the other blogger's sites to see their pics too.
More details need coffee..

I am getting ready for the Colorado blogger hoe down at Old Chicago. We're so exicted! I'm so excited! I'm Toby!

Ok she made it. It took her 40 minutes, but she made it. Whew.

Katie just left in my car (first time driving alone) to go to Charlies (about 8 miles or so) to pick him up and then come back down here for an interview at Fazoli's. Im freaking out. I must have given her 10 minutes of warnings and instructions before she left. Cross your fingers.

Happy Birthday LAURA!

Same guy, different ignorance. btw, Art - you know this guy.

MJM: Oh, she's a great girl, just bigger than I really like em. She's 5.5 and weighs 135. She's a bit flabby all around.
MJM: And her legs are all bruised up. Kind of a turnoff.
MJM: But as long as she knows I'm not looking for a relationship we'll be fine.
Danelle: why are her legs bruised up?
MJM: she's clumsy. She's walking into stuff all the time when she's around me and I guess she's the same at work.
MJM: The flab is a turn off though, her legs are heavy, flabby, and bruised. Her chest is small and saggy too. She does have a pretty face though.
Danelle: Well, I have a news flash for you, I weigh more than 135. And I think you're being extremely shallow.
MJM: I know what I like. Right now though I just need the head.

Now before you scream "Why are you talking to this guy?!" He is only 20 years old, so that accounts for *some* ignorance. And he is part of a "group" that I belong to, so I kind of have to be more tolerant than I normally would be, or there will be ripples among the group. Hard to explain.

His ignorance is entertaining, you have to admit.


A googlism is an internet phrase generator that will find phrases on the net based on the word(s) you plug in. I didn't think my googlism would come up with much for "Danelle", but here it is: (my comments in italics of course)

Googlism for: danelle

danelle is currently pursuing a major in print journalism and minor in english
No wonder Im not working!

danelle is currently working on

danelle is a great kid with a huge love to read
Grammar, anyone?

danelle is one of team tubbs most "valuable players"
Team Tubbs? Wait a minute...

danelle is really mesaana
Oh, that sounds all d&d or something

danelle is moving in a spaceship at a constant velocity away from a group of stars

danelle is one of elaida's party that takes siuan into custody
Again, d&d...I sense a theme

danelle is a widely accepted theory
but has not yet been proven..

danelle is a true angel to the animals and their shelter life would be rough without danelle
Yes, she gives the pet mice treats of pop tarts each night...

danelle is not short of work
Housework, maybe..

danelle is starting to sit up on her own
But only before the 6th beer...then she needs help

danelle is around

danelle is a writer you can trust to deliver great stories time after time
Well, I know...

danelle is always really positive and she's always got a smile on her face
Oh, now that's funny..

danelle is a senior majoring in elementary education/special learning and behavioral problems
I am taking entirely too many classes

danelle is a female powerhouse
Fuckin A...

danelle is going to do a good job of keeping the ball down
Ball down? where down?

danelle is a great athlete
Danelle is *not* a great athlete, people.

danelle is doing hush
hush? Is that like hash..but quieter?

danelle is 8 months old
No wonder I don't have a job..

danelle is about five feet four inches tall
Hey, that's true!

danelle is a smart girl
Well....I am taking a lot of classes apparently...

danelle is the spanish language cataloger at sapl and her goal is to learn about everything that might contribute to spanish
!besa mi culo!

danelle is examining the use of iterative corrections in the transform domain for the management of these instabilities
Danelle doesn't even know what that means...

danelle is right
All of the time...

danelle is working on some sort of burrito concoction wrapped in tin foil
Could happen...

danelle is the current chairperson
Of Everything That Is Not Important

danelle is sleeping as usual
I get up sometimes!

danelle is down on the left corner
See me?

danelle is finishing her student teaching at duluth central and plans to stay at home and raise kids until all of them are in school
I go to school entirely TOO much.

danelle is the author of the short story sins of the mother and allegro ouroboros in d minor found in the anthology book the lives of dax
Um no, Danelle writes a blog.

So. We're having another Colorado bloggers meet-up tomorrow night. Should be fun. Old Chicago, 88th and Wads if anyone is interested.

We're listing books like mad, and Im achy as hell. Shipping was $157 today. Yowsah!

I wish I had interesting thought provoking things to say. Maybe after coffee.


"I wanted to be a ballerina, but my feet were too big.."
~Anna Nicole


Here is a great shot of Pikes Peak from the highway today...

We are packaging FOOLS. We have so many packages going out. Taiwan, Canada, Georgia, etc etc etc! Stuff is selling tho, that's all that matters. *Nice* deposits hitting the bank this week from ebay sales. Yee haw.

Cindi and Max both posted links this week to some singing kitty sites. I showed them to emma, but got this response: "I hate singing cats - only peaceful ones"
But she did like the one with the xylophone: "That one with the white stick - it's totally funny!"

Another Emma weekend comes to a close. Fun.

We just got back from Pueblo, 2 hours drop of the little kitten. Met mommy at an arc down there. We're relentless! Did find a coupla things tho that I think might be interesting. Also found out last night that one of my auction winners actually lives in Denver, which is hella cool because he was the high bidder on this HEAVY set of dishes that I was NOT looking forward to packing. Whee!

I have pork chops in the oven, and coffee on the brew. More later, gators.

Danelle: I write to a guy in prison that was a friend of mine before he went in in 84.
Danelle: i dated him actually. lol but he's gay.
MJM: You didn't turn him gay did you?!
Danelle: nah.
Danelle: thanks tho.
MJM: Isn't prison like a gay man's dream, except, without the freedom?

People really believe that.

Danelle: well, the no freedom part sucks.
MJM: Yeah... But lots of gay sex...
Danelle: well gay people arent just about sex.
MJM: I know... but that's kind of their defining trait.
Danelle: what an uneducated, ignorant thing to say.
[Danelle signed off: end AIM session 1:10a.m.]


God, it is snowing like a beeyotch.

For Matt:

William Wallace: The answer is yes. Fight for me, you get to kill the English.
Stephen: Excellent!

Do your part. Call Tom Strickland and tell him to call Mike Feely and tell him to stop telling Wayne Allard to tell people to call. Stop the Lies.

Oh my god, SNL is so funny.

Looks like the Colorado Bloggers are going to try and get together for a (dys)function on tuesday night. Details to follow. After Mary tells me what to do.

Uneventful day, finally got our butts in gear around 3:30 and went to arc, picked up a couple of things here and there.
Picked up some Good Times and came home and watched Behind Enemy Lines on HBO. Then we all retreated to our respective caves where we currently sit.

Im chatting to 5000 people. I have to go pay attention.


Good day. We snagged about 350 books..good ones from the close Sally Army in Arvada. We had'nt been there in a while, and it showed! We have to get the other ones put away before we start listing them. Vowing to start tonight and finish tomorrow!

I am babysitting Dylan, my sister's friend's grandson. He was a micro preemie like Emma but has not been as fortunate as she has, as he has a lot of developmental problems. But he's so damn cute, and he's so fun. He just laughs constantly, and squeals at everything. He never fusses at all, and his only detriment is that he gets into everything..which is completely typical of his age (2). He isn't talking yet and Emma is forever trying to teach him words..but all we get is "ug. ugga. uggee". Katie watched him a couple of weeks ago while Charlie was away, cause it so happened she was sitting home on a weekend night with nothing to do, which is rare. Then his mom called this week for her to babysit - of course Katie had plans but I told her I would watch him, it's not like I'm doing anything, except monitoring auctions. I'm sure it's hard for her to get good sitters, he's not the type of child you can just dump on a teenager on Friday night. He really takes a lot of attention. I don't mind it a bit, although I was getting a little frazzled at one point when he and Emma were both squealing like pigs, throwing letter magnets off the fridge. I just put him upstairs to bed, but I can hear him making noise. We'll see.

No major plans this weekend, am meeting up with Max and BeerMary next week tho. That'll be fun. Bloggers Unite!

Survivor was great, by the way. I'm putting most of my coherent thoughts about the game over at Jennifer's weekly wrap up. It's become a fun gathering place on Thursday nights after the show.

Amazing Race last night was good too. God, that Ian. He's so mean to his wife, I just want to slap him.

I'm thinking about password protecting the blog. If I do, everyone on the blogroll will be notified and gleaned access, of course. I'm just irritated about a couple of people that come here that apparently have nothing but shitty things to say about me, so I really don't want them viewing. (And for once, it's not DPL people!) When I extend the hand of friendship and it's slapped away, I generally don't try again. And if you have that much disrespect and disdain for me, just stop coming, cause it's just pissing me off to see your IP keep showing up in the sitemeter. Bug off.

We had a fun Halloween. Much better than last year where we didn't get one single trick or treater. We had a lot of kids, starting at around 3:30! Finally the last one came around 9.

We took Emma out to about 6 houses, it was too cold to go any more, but she had her heart set, especially once she saw the kids coming to our door. So we bundled her up beyond recognition and went out to charm the neighbors, which she did of course.

While we were out on the street, some of Katie's friends from Northglenn drove up. Katie wasn't home, but guess what they said.

"Where's the insane asylum?"
They're referring to the previously mentioned "Ridge Home" which was simply a home for retarded citizens in the 70's. I'm guessing there was a fair amount of activity going on up there tonight. I've got to go up there and take some pictures.

Hope everyone had a good Halloween, have fun at work tomorrow.